What Channel Is ABC On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/3/23

Based on our research, ABC is on a different channel for Xfinity customers depending on where you live.

As a broadcast channel, it’s usually one of the first channels on your guide but we’ve found that there are often multiple channels on your guide that you can watch ABC on.

We compiled the list of channels where you can watch ABC on Comcast below.  Hope this helps.

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Comcast ABC Channel List

ABC Xfinity Channel List

Seattle4, 104Cape Coral7, 431
Spokane4, 104Atlanta3, 97, 803
Tacoma4, 104Augusta2, 231, 1006
Vancouver2, 702Charleston8, 431
Portland2, 702Memphis7, 807, 1007
Salem2, 702Nashville2, 1002
Eugene9, 709Knoxville13, 1006
Salt Lake City4, 652, 1004Chattanooga10, 431
Provo4, 652Indianapolis5, 1006
Denver7, 652Fort Wayne7, 1007
Colorado Springs12, 713, 1013Detroit17, 231, 1007
Boulder7, 652, 1007Grand Rapids4, 237, 1004
Saint Paul5, 805Richmond8, 808
Minneapolis5, 805Alexandria7, 807, 1007
Albuquerque7, 210Washington DC27, 807
Santa Fe7, 210Baltimore12, 210, 802
Las Cruces7, 210Philadelphia6, 806
Little Rock8, 1007Pittsburgh9, 189, 805
Shreveport4, 432, 1003San Jose7, 707
Tallahassee7, 431San Francisco7, 707
Jacksonville5, 431Fresno3, 703
Orlando10, 431Sacramento10, 710
Miami10, 431Oakland7, 707
Fort Lauderdale10, 431Stockton10, 710

Xfinity ABC Channel (WA/OR/UT)

You can watch ABC on Xfinity on channels 4 and 104 in Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma.  If you’re in Vancouver Washington, you’ll need to go to channels 2 and 702 instead.

It’s interesting but channels 2 and 702 are also the right places to watch ABC for Comcast customers in Portland and Salem.

ABC is on a different channel for the city of Eugene in Oregon though.  There you’ll need to go to channels 9 or 709.

It’s going to be a lot simpler in Utah.  To watch in Utah, just go to channel 4 or 652.

1004 is a bonus channel ABC channel for Salt Lake City residents.

abc comcast channel list

The ABC Channel on Comcast (MN/NM/FL)

ABC is on channels 5 and 805 for people who have Comcast in Minnesota.  In the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the ABC channel is called KSTP which is a super channel with unique local shows.

It’s very easy to find your ABC channel in New Mexico.  Just go to channels 7 or 210.  ABC will be there.

Florida is a bit more complicated.  You can usually watch ABC in Florida on your Xfinity TV on channel 431.

However, for the major cities in Florida, the channels are spread out between Channel 7 and 10.

Go to channel 10 to watch the lower-numbered ABC Channel in Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.  7 is the right lower-numbered channel for Tallahassee and Cape Coral.

Other Places to Watch ABC

Xfinity customers can watch ABC on channels 7 and 707 or channels 10 and 710 depending on which city they live in.

Channels 7 and 707 are the right channels for San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Fremont.  10 and 710 are the channels for Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto.

There are other important cities where you can watch ABC but there’s no natural groupings from where the channels are located.

Here’s a few that we found:

Atlanta: 3, 97, 803
Charleston: 8, 431
Memphis: 7, 807, 1007
Nashville: 2, 1002
Chicago: 7, 187
Detroit: 17, 231, 1007
Washington DC: 27, 807
Baltimore: 12, 210, 802
Philadelphia: 6, 806
Pittsburgh: 9, 189, 805, 904

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