Save money on your phone and cable bills

It’s free if you don’t save

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How It Works

1. Provide some info

1. Send your bills

Upload your bills to our site or just email us at negotiations@getbillsmart.com

2. We negotiate

2. We negotiate

Our experts negotiate on your behalf within 3 business days

3. You save money

3. You save money

Clients save $352 on average. You share 25% of the savings of the first year with us

“BillSmart literally cut my AT&T bill in half. Instead of paying $150, I’m paying $75 a month now.”
Kelsie, St Paul

“Signup took less than 2 minutes. After uploading my Wave bill, I saved $691 a day later.”
Christina, Sacramento

“BillSmart did a great job on my Centurylink bill. They’re going to lower my DirecTV bill next!”
Randy, Orlando

Why BillSmart?

1. Trust the experts

1. It’s quick and easy

Upload your bills and we do the rest. It’s like magic.

2. Same day results

2. Free if you don’t save

You’ll only pay if you get results. No savings=no charge.

3. Free if you don't save

3. You’re in good hands

We treat your bills like our own and our top priority is providing you with a great experience.


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Cost If You Don’t Save Money

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BillSmart?

BillSmart is a negotiation service for phone and cable bills and credit card debt.  We save you money on your phone and cable bills by negotiating discounts and getting one time credits. We save you money on credit card debt by lowering your APR and getting interest and fees refunded.

How does it work?

Upload your bills to our website or email us your bills at negotiations@getbillsmart.com. Our negotiation experts will get to your bill within 3 business days. We’ll send you an email after the negotiation is done with the results.

Will my service change?

We save you money without changing your level of service or signing you up for a contract. However, if we can get you a great deal that’s slightly different than your current one, we’ll check with you to get your approval before we make any changes.

How much does it cost?

Our fee is 25% of what you’ll save in the first year. If your bill was $200 and we lowered it to $180, you will save $240 in a year of which we’ll charge you $60. It’s free if you don’t save money.

Is my data safe with you?

We have built our system to prioritize customer security.  We employ extensive security measures in our operational processes and there is limited access to personal data.  Also, we do not share your data with any 3rd parties.

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