What Channel Is AMC On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 11/17/23

spectrum amc channel list
Spectrum Channel Guide in Hawaii │Source: BillSmart

AMC is on different and multiple channels for Spectrum customers depending on where you live.

This makes it hard to find out where to watch the Walking Dead if you haven’t memorized what channel AMC is on your TV box.

We wanted to make it easier to find where AMC is so we researched where it can be found in the major cities Spectrum offers its service.

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Spectrum AMC Channel List

List of AMC Channels on Spectrum

Los Angeles46, 105
San Diego43, 105
Anaheim75, 105
Long Beach57, 757
Bakersfield69, 640, 1640
Reno58, 792
Corpus Christi26, 105
San Antonio69, 105
Austin63, 105
El Paso47, 105
Dallas71, 759
Birmingham29, 138, 602
Montgomery51, 862
Lexington24, 610, 955
Louisville26, 610, 955
Charlotte26, 105
Durham38, 105
Raleigh38, 105
Indianapolis27, 138, 602
Milwaukee59, 277, 1277
Kansas City42, 105
Columbus16, 610, 955
Cincinnati46, 277, 1277
Cleveland52, 277, 1277
New York54, 105
Albany29, 105
Buffalo53, 105

New York/Texas Spectrum AMC Channels

AMC is on Channel 105 on Spectrum in New York.  You can also watch on lower-numbered channels 54 in Manhattan, 29 in Albany, and 53 in Buffalo.

105 is also the right channel to watch AMC in Texas.  Dallas is the only exception to this rule.  There, you’ll need to go to channels 71 or 759 to watch AMC.

Besides Channel 105, there are a number of other channels where you can watch in the big cities in Texas.  Here’s where:

Corpus Christi: 26, 105
San Antonio: 69, 105
Austin: 63, 105
El Paso: 47, 105
Dallas: 71, 759

AMC Channels In California

For most of California, you can watch AMC on Spectrum on Channel 105.  The only cities where this doesn’t apply are Long Beach and Bakersfield.

To watch there, you’ll need to go to channels 57 and 757 in Long Beach and channels 69, 640, or 1640 in Bakersfield.

Spectrum customers in California also have the option to watch on lowered number channels besides 105.

Those channels are 46 in Los Angeles, 43 in San Diego, and 75 in Anaheim.

Where To Watch In NC/KY

Want to watch AMC on Spectrum in North Carolina?  Just go to Channel 105.

Alternatively, you can surf to Channel 38 in Durham and Raleigh and Channel 26 in Charlotte.

In Kentucky, the right channels for AMC are 610 and 955.  For lower-numbered channels, go to Channel 24 in Lexington and 26 in Louisville.

The cities with the most AMC channels are Birmingham in Alabama and Indianapolis in Indiana.

In Birmingham, you can watch AMC on channels 29, 138, 602, 1138, and 1602.  For Indianapolis, you have the option to watch on 27, 138, 602, 1138, and 1602.

They take their Walking Dead binge sessions very seriously in these cities.

Other Places To Watch

There’s also a couple of random cities where you can watch AMC on Spectrum.

Examples include Kansas City, Milwaukee, Reno, and Montgomery.  Here’s the right channels:

Kansas City: 42, 105
Milwaukee: 59, 277, 1277
Reno: 58, 792
Montgomery: 51, 862

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