What Channel Is BET On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/2/24

On Xfinity, there’s going to be more than one channel where you can watch BET and its various sub brands. What channel BET is on really depends on which city you live in.

This can prevent you from getting to watching every minute of First Wives Club or the Real Husbands of Hollywood.

We wanted to help people find BET more easily so we did the research and found out what channel BET is on where you live.

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Comcast BET Channels

Xfinity BET Channel List

Seattle56, 689Miami72, 475
Spokane56, 689Fort Lauderdale72, 475
Tacoma56, 689Atlanta72, 825
Vancouver56, 756Memphis59, 837, 1361
Portland56, 756Nashville33, 1625
Salem56, 756Chicago61, 295
Eugene56, 756Indianapolis62, 131
Salt Lake City56, 728, 1625Fort Wayne64, 1361
Provo56, 728Detroit59, 249, 1360
Denver95, 795Washington74, 866
Colorado Springs73, 800, 1625Baltimore65, 866
Boulder95, 795, 1625Philadelphia15, 866
Saint Paul39, 856Pittsburgh
Minneapolis33, 856San Jose70, 777
Albuquerque72, 872San Francisco70, 777
Tallahassee34, 475Fresno43, 777
Jacksonville57, 475Sacramento73, 777
Orlando69, 475Oakland70, 777

BET On Xfinity On California

To watch BET on Xfinity in CA, go to Channel 777.

If you don’t want to go that far on your dial, you can watch BET on Channel 70 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, 43 in Fresno and Stockton and 73 in Sacramento.

BET Her is on Channel 474 in California and BET Jams is on Channel 475 in Stockton, Sacramento, and Fresno and on Channel 134 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

866 is the right channel for BET in DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.  Residents of those cities can also watch BET Soul on Channel 144, BET Jams on Channel 142 and BET Her on Channel 174.

For whatever reason, BET is not available in Philadelphia.  It’s very sad.

Florida Comcast BET Channel

Channel 475 is the right place to watch BET on Comcast in Florida.

Besides 475, there’s also options to watch BET on Channel 72 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, 69 in Orlando, 57 in Jacksonville, and 34 in Tallahassee.

The BET sub brands are on the same channels in Florida.  BET Soul is on Channel 144; BET Jams is on Channel 142 and BET Her is on Channel 174.

In Minnesota, you can watch BET on Channel 856.  BET is also on Channel 33 in Minneapolis and on Channel 39 in Saint Paul.

When we checked BET Soul and Bet Her wasn’t available in MN but BET Jams is on Channel 142 if you ever have an urge to dance.

bet on xfinity channel guide

Where To Watch In WA/OR/UT

It’s easy for Xfinity customers to watch BET in Washington and Oregon.

Just go to Channel 56 for BET.  For those who want to go further out, they can do so on Channel 689 in Washington and on Channel 756 in Oregon.

BET Soul is on Channel 474 in Washington and 475 in Oregon.  For BET Jams, 475 is the right channel for Washington and 481 is where you’ll need to go to watch in Oregon.

Those in Utah can watch BET on channels 56 and 728.  If you want, you can watch BET Soul on Channel 474 and BET Jams on Channel 475.

Other Random Channels

For Indiana, BET is on Channel 1361.  Easier channels to surf to get to BET in IN include 62 in Indianapolis and 64 in Fort Wayne.

BET Soul is on Channel 144 in Indiana while BET Jams is on 142 and BET Her is on Channel 174.

There are other big cities where you might want to watch BET on Comcast.

Unfortunately, the channels in these cities in states don’t have much in common with each other.

Chalk it up to Comcast being a Frankenstein’ monster of acquisitions.

Try to find for your channel below.  Good luck.

Albuquerque: 72, 872
Atlanta: 72, 825
Chicago: 61, 295
Detroit: 59, 249, 1360

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