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by Daniel Smith | Updated 7/11/23

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To watch the great games on the CBS Sports Channel, you’ll need to know what the right channel number is.

It’s more difficult than you think because the channel number changes depending on which service provider and which part of the country you’re in.

We didn’t want people to have to spend a lot of time surfing the channels so we did the research for you and made the list of channels by service provider and city where you can watch CBS Sports.

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The DirecTV CBS Sports Channel

You can watch the CBS Sports Channel on DirecTV on Channel 221.

That’s the only channel CBS Sports is available on.  It’s great that DirecTV has made it so easy to find the channel.

One thing that can be confusing though is that CBS Sports and the CBS Sports channel are two different entities.

There might be games on CBS Sports but not the CBS Sports Channel.  That’s because the game is likely on CBS or Paramount+.

Go to Channel 221 for CBS Sports and if you’re trying to watch CBS on Directv, check out our guide for the right channel.

CBS Sports Channel

Little Rock221Detroit221
Yuma221St. Louis221
Los Angeles221Charlotte221
San Francisco221Omaha221
San Diego221Las Vegas221
Fresno221New York221
Colorado Springs221Oklahoma City221
Washington DC221Philadelphia221
Fort Worth221Memphis221
Miami221El Paso221
Honolulu221San Antonio221
Kansas City221Norfolk221
New Orleans221Boston221

Where You Can Watch The Channel On Spectrum

Spectrum hasn’t made it easy to find the CBS Sports Network.  The most common channel that it’s on is Channel 315.

Overall, the CBS Sports Network is on different channels depending on the location.  There’s usually only one or two channels and they’re usually far out – in the 300+ range.

It’s sad that the CBS Sports Channel seems like a bit of an afterthought to Spectrum based on its channel number, but it is what it is.

For an easier time to find the channel on Spectrum, refer to our guide.

Spectrum CBS Sports Channel List

Los Angeles315
San Diego315
Long Beach411, 869
Bakersfield128, 1128
Corpus Christi54, 315
San Antonio315
El Paso24, 85, 315
Dallas290, 706
Birmingham425, 1425
Montgomery303, 813
Lexington531, 968
Louisville531, 968
Indianapolis425, 1425
Milwaukee322, 1322
Kansas City315
Columbus531, 968
Cincinnati322, 1322
Cleveland322, 1322
New York315
spectrum cbs sports network channels

CBS Sports Channel on Dish Network

Like Directv, there’s only one channel where you can watch the CBS Sports Channel on Dish Network.

The right channel is Channel 158.

158 will be the right channel nationwide, from San Francisco to Baltimore.

It’s usually easier to find channel numbers of satellite providers because they have a standardized set of numbers for channels nationwide.

Below find a list of the major cities with Dish Network and the channel where you can watch CBS Sports – 158.

Little Rock158Detroit158
Yuma158St. Louis158
Los Angeles158Charlotte158
San Francisco158Omaha158
San Diego158Las Vegas158
Fresno158New York158
Colorado Springs158Oklahoma City158
Washington DC158Philadelphia158
Fort Worth158Memphis158
Miami158El Paso158
Honolulu158San Antonio158
Kansas City158Norfolk158
New Orleans158Boston158

What Channel is CBS Sports on Xfinity

The CBS Sports Channel is even further up on your TV guide with Xfinity than it is with Spectrum.

The lowest number that we found CBS Sports on is Channel 109 in Atlanta.  Most of the time the first channel you’ll find is in the low 400 range.

There’s also multiple channels and in some cities, there’s 3 channels where you can watch CBS Sports.

Stick with the lower-numbered channel at first but if you don’t think you’re getting a good signal on that channel, switch to the higher-numbered one.

It’s a bit of a secret to know how to do that.

We’ve tried to make it easy to find the right channel for CBS Sports on Comcast with this list below.

CBS Sports Guide

Seattle412, 633Miami393, 733
Spokane412, 633Fort Lauderdale393, 733
Tacoma412, 633Atlanta109, 822
Vancouver412, 725Memphis222, 832, 1721
Portland412, 725Nashville720, 1303
Salem412, 725Chicago232, 418
Eugene412, 725Indianapolis274, 1721
Salt Lake City269, 753, 1303Fort Wayne274, 1721
Provo269, 753Detroit255, 734, 1721
Denver412, 846Washington732, 854
Colorado Springs170, 846, 1303Baltimore732, 854
Boulder412, 846, 1303Philadelphia732, 854
Saint Paul274, 871Pittsburgh288, 854
Minneapolis735, 871San Jose418, 732
Albuquerque274, 838San Francisco418, 732
Tallahassee393, 743Fresno418, 732
Jacksonville393, 735Sacramento418, 732
Orlando393, 735Oakland418, 732
what channel is cbs sports on xfinity

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