What Channel Is CBS Sports On Xfinity?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 12/19/23

what channel is cbs sports on xfinity

CBS Sports is on different channels on Xfinity depending on where you live. It’s different by state and even on a city-by-city basis.

It’s one of our favorite channels and to support them, our team did some research to find out what channel the CBS Sports Network is on your city. Hope this helps and take a look below.

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Comcast CBS Sports Channel List

CBS Sports Guide

Seattle412, 633Miami393, 733
Spokane412, 633Fort Lauderdale393, 733
Tacoma412, 633Atlanta109, 822
Vancouver412, 725Memphis222, 832, 1721
Portland412, 725Nashville720, 1303
Salem412, 725Chicago232, 418
Eugene412, 725Indianapolis274, 1721
Salt Lake City269, 753, 1303Fort Wayne274, 1721
Provo269, 753Detroit255, 734, 1721
Denver412, 846Washington732, 854
Colorado Springs170, 846, 1303Baltimore732, 854
Boulder412, 846, 1303Philadelphia732, 854
Saint Paul274, 871Pittsburgh288, 854
Minneapolis735, 871San Jose418, 732
Albuquerque274, 838San Francisco418, 732
Tallahassee393, 743Fresno418, 732
Jacksonville393, 735Sacramento418, 732
Orlando393, 735Oakland418, 732

West Coast Comcast CBS Sports Channels

The right channel for Xfinity customers to watch CBS Sports in Washington and Oregon is Channel 412.

In addition to 412, you also have the option to watch on Channel 633 in Washington and Channel 725 in Oregon.

Utah residents can watch CBS Sports on channels 269 and 753.  People in Salt Lake City have the additional choice to watch the channel by going all the way to Channel 1303.

871 is the CBS Sports Channel on Comcast for Minnesota state residents.

There’s lowered number channels in the big cities – namely Channel 274 in Saint Paul and Channel 735 in Minneapolis.

Xfinity CBS Sports Channels In CA & FL

It’s very simple to find the right channels to watch the CBS Sports Network on Xfinity in California.

Just change the dial to Channel 418 or Channel 732.  Channel 732 is the HD channel if your TV is old and hasn’t been upgraded.

An easy way to watch CBS Sports on Comcast in Florida is to just go to Channel 393.

There’s a higher-numbered channel that’s different depending on the city that you live in.

It’s 733 for Miami and Fort Lauderdale, 735 for Jacksonville and Orlando, and 743 for Tallahassee.

Indiana Sports Channels

Comcast customers can watch CBS Sports in Indiana on channels 274 or 1721.

Although they’re not in the same state, the CBS channel numbers in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC are the same – 732 and 854.

If you live in the other big city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, you can watch CBS Sports on 854 and 288.

Channel 846 is a channel where you can watch CBS Sports in Colorado.

Along with 846, you can watch on Channel 412 in Denver and Boulder, 1303 in Colorado Springs and Boulder, and Channel 170 in Colorado Springs.

cbs sports channel on comcast

Additional Channels You Can Watch

There’s other important cities where Xfinity has a large presence where you might want to watch CBS Sports.

It’s just easier to list the right channels so we’ve done that below.

Albuquerque: 274, 838
Atlanta: 109, 822
Memphis: 222, 832, 1721
Nashville: 720, 1303
Chicago: 232, 418
Detroit: 255, 734, 1721

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