What Channel Is the Chargers Game On

by Mark Chen | Updated 10/3/23

chargers game channel

The right channel to watch the Chargers game depends on who has the rights this week, what service provider you have, and where you live.

Things are getting even harder this year because two games will only be available on streaming services.

It’s annoying to figure out the right channel to watch the Chargers game so we did the research for you and put the channel numbers below.

We update this article right after each game ends during the regular season and we hope our guide is helpful to help you more easily find the channel number you’re looking for.

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When Do The Chargers Play

The Chargers will play next on Monday, October 16th at 8:15 PM.

The LA Chargers are going to play the Dallas Cowboys. 

You can watch the game on ESPN, and we’ve put the channel numbers for Spectrum and DirecTV below.

The ESPN Channel on Spectrum

Los Angeles39, 300
San Diego29, 300
Anaheim35, 300
Long Beach35, 735
Bakersfield26, 102, 1102
Reno33, 805
Corpus Christi39, 300
San Antonio24, 300
Austin52, 300
El Paso25, 300
Dallas33, 773
Birmingham20, 401, 1401
Montgomery25, 808
Lexington28, 506, 923
Louisville31, 506, 923
Charlotte39, 300
Durham31, 300
Raleigh31, 300
Indianapolis36, 401, 1401
Milwaukee30, 301
Kansas City33, 300
Columbus11, 506, 923
Cincinnati30, 301, 1301
Cleveland28, 301, 1301
New York28, 300
Albany24, 300
Buffalo30, 300
espn directv game nfl channel

Chargers vs Cowboys (Correct Game Channel)

Chargers vs Cowboys – it’s going to be a great game.

Find out the right channel for the ESPN channel on Comcast and Dish below to start watching.

ESPN on Xfinity

Seattle31, 173Miami34, 403
Spokane11, 173Fort Lauderdale34, 403
Tacoma31, 173Atlanta46, 846
Vancouver35, 735Memphis23, 855, 1605
Portland35, 735Nashville11, 1205
Salem35, 735Chicago3, 173, 1205
Eugene35, 735Indianapolis2, 1605
Salt Lake City35, 668, 1205Fort Wayne6, 1605
Provo35, 668Detroit28, 202, 1605
Denver34, 668Washington8, 850
Colorado Springs33, 733, 1205Baltimore5, 850
Boulder34, 668, 1205Philadelphia7, 850
Minneapolis25, 403, 864San Jose38, 724
Albuquerque8, 252San Francisco38, 724
Tallahassee8, 403Fresno32, 724
Jacksonville33, 403Sacramento32, 724
Orlando34, 403Oakland38, 724
espn dish nfl game channel

Los Angeles Chargers Next Game

There’s a bye week where the Chargers won’t play a game for Week 5.

The next LA Chargers game will be on Sunday, October 22nd at 4:25 PM.

It’s going to be the Chargers vs the Kansas City Chiefs and the right channel to go to watch is CBS.

We’ll provide the CBS channel lists in a bit.

Chargers Schedule 2023

Currently, the Chargers are scheduled to play 3 preseason games and 18 regular season games.

If their record is good enough, they’ll be able to play in the playoffs and have a chance at the Superbowl.

All the preseason games to watch the Chargers game will be on the NFL Network Channel.

During the regular season, games will mostly be on CBS and Fox but the annoying this this year is that Week 15 and 16 will be on Amazon Prime and Peacock rather than regular TV.

That means you need to have or subscribe to these services to catch these games.

2023 Chargers Game Schedule

DateOpponentTime (EST)Channel
1 (Preseason)8/12Rams9:00 PMNFL Network
2 (Preseason)8/20Saints7:05 PMNFL Network
3 (Preseason)8/2549ers10:00 PMNFL Network
19/10Dolphins4:25 PMCBS
29/17Titans1:00 PMCBS
39/24Vikings1:00 PMFOX
410/1Raiders4:05 PMCBS
610/16Cowboys8:15 PMESPN
710/22Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
810/29Bears8:20 PMNBC
911/6Jets8:15 PMESPN
1011/12Lions4:05 PMCBS
1111/19Packers1:00 PMFOX
1211/26Ravens8:20 PMNBC
1312/3Patriots1:00 PMCBS
1412/10Broncos4:25 PMCBS
1512/14Raiders8:15 PMPrime Video
1612/23Bills8:00 PMPeacock
1712/31Broncos4:25 PMCBS

2022 LA Chargers Schedule

Because the Chargers made the wildcard game in the 2022 season, they played 22 games.

Their regular season record was 10 wins and 8 losses, and they lost all their preseason games.

The season ended on January 14th when they lost the wildcard game to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler were the standout players last year.

2023 game schedule los angeles chargers

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