What Channel Is CNBC On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 10/5/23

directv cnbc channel

You can watch CNBC on Channel 355 on DirecTV.  For CNBC World, go to Channel 357.

It’s pretty far out but at least that’s the right channel for CNBC throughout the country for DirecTV customers.

Cable TV customers from providers like Xfinity or Spectrum aren’t as lucky.

Later in this article, we’ll walk you through other ways you can watch CNBC as well as its current programming and programming schedule.

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Little Rock355Detroit355
Yuma355St. Louis355
Los Angeles355Charlotte355
San Francisco355Omaha355
San Diego355Las Vegas355
Fresno355New York355
Colorado Springs355Oklahoma City355
Washington DC355Philadelphia355
Fort Worth355Memphis355
Miami355El Paso355
Honolulu355San Antonio355
Kansas City355Norfolk355
New Orleans355Boston355

Weekday CNBC Schedule

Channel 355 is the right channel to watch CNBC on DirecTV.

There’s a big difference between the weekday and weekend schedule for CNBC.

We’ll start with the weekday schedule because that’s when most people watch the channel.

Market coverage during the week starts at 5 AM with Weekend Exchange and ends at 8 PM with Last call.

Some of the most popular shows are Squawk on the Street, Closing Bell, and Mad Men.

You can find the full weekday schedule below.

CNBC Weekday Schedule
Worldwide Exchange: 5-6
Squawk Box: 6-9
Squawk on the Street: 9-12
Fast Money Halftime: 12-1
The Exchange: 1-2
Power Lunch: 2-3
Closing Bell: 3-5
Fast Money: 5-6
Mad Money: 6-7
Last Call: 7-8

In the evenings, they air mostly Undercover Boss unless it’s a Friday where it’s time for American Greed.

directv cnbc channel

Weekend CNBC Channel Schedule On DirecTV

The evening schedule for weekdays and weekends are similar with one exception.

Saturday evenings are for American Greed and Sunday Evenings are for Undercover Boss.

Evening programming begins at 8 PM on weekends vs 6PM on weekdays.

During the morning and afternoon, there’s a bunch of paid programming and random sports content.

Some shows that we noticed airing during the weekend include Nascar Racing and the Rugby World Cup.

Other Watching Alternatives

Directv subscribers have two other choices to watch CNBC besides Channel 355.

One is to watch on the CNBC website or app.

For short clips, you don’t need to get authenticated but to watch live, you’ll need to sign into your Directv or other cable/satellite TV account.

It’s much easier to watch with the Directv stream app/service.

The login process is similar to watching CNBC but it’s better because you can move to different channels and there’s generally a lower ad load.

You can also watch on your computer, phone, tablet, or even your TV if you wish.

Lower Your TV Bill With Sling!

CNBC is one of our favorite channels to watch during the weekdays.

CEOs always go on the channel to get their message out and they have some useful commentary about what next market moves you need to make.

We’ll be honest though – we don’t really like to watch the channel when the stock market is going down.

Maybe there’s some people who are shorting who like stocks going down.

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