What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 11/21/23

CNN is on different channels on Xfinity depending on which city you live in. Things get more confusing because there’s CNN en Espanol and multiple channels where you can watch CNN.

It’s important to be informed so we researched and figured out which channels you can watch CNN on your Comcast service.

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Comcast CNN Channel List

Xfinity on CNN Guide

Seattle44, 657Miami423
Spokane44, 657Fort Lauderdale423
Tacoma44, 657Atlanta34, 834
Vancouver44, 744Memphis47, 849, 1106
Portland44, 744Nashville13, 1111
Salem44, 744Chicago50, 216
Eugene44, 744Indianapolis66, 1106
Salt Lake City41, 685, 1111Fort Wayne17, 1106
Provo41, 685Detroit40, 213, 1106
Denver38, 738Washington817
Colorado Springs36, 736, 1111Baltimore817
Boulder38, 738, 1111Philadelphia27, 817
Saint Paul32, 213, 842Pittsburgh37, 817
Minneapolis3, 423, 842San Jose56, 759
Albuquerque33, 229San Francisco56, 759
Tallahassee40, 423Fresno20, 759
Jacksonville35, 423Sacramento759
Orlando40, 423Oakland56, 759

CNN Xfinity Channel (WA/OR/UT)

You can watch CNN on Xfinity on Channel 44 in Washington and Oregon.  CNN en Español is on Channel 608 in those states.

In addition to Channel 44, CNN is also on Channel 657 in Washington and on 744 in Oregon.

CNN Español can also be watched on Channel 760 in Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma.

The right channels to watch CNN in Utah are 41 and 685.  608 is the correct place to go to watch CNN en Espanol.

If you live in Salt Lake City, you can also watch CNN on Channel 1111 as well.

What Channel Is CNN In Florida

423 is the right channel for CNN for Comcast customers in Florida.  It’s also shown on Channel 40 in Orlando and Tallahassee and on Channel 35 in Jacksonville.

Unfortunately, CNN en Espanol is not available in Tallahassee, but if you’re looking to watch in the rest of Florida, just go to Channel 602 to start watching.

California residents can watch CNN on Channel 759 and CNN Espanol on Channel 608.

For lowered numbered channels, you can go to 20 in Stockton and Fresno and 56 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

People in Indiana can watch CNN on 1106 and CNN Espanol on 602.  Don’t want to go there?

Watch on Channel 17 in Fort Wayne or 66 in Indianapolis.

cnn on xfinity channel guide

East Coast Channels

Much of the East Coast has similar channels for CNN on Xfinity.

817 is the right place to go to watch CNN in the cities of DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

For whatever reason, lowered numbered channels are only available in Philadelphia on Channel 27 and in Pittsburgh on Channel 37.

You would think that in Washington DC they would need international news the most.

CNN en Español is on 570 for the cities we mentioned above except for Pittsburgh.

Other Places To Watch

One channel where you can watch CNN on Xfinity in Minnesota is Channel 842.  Besides 842, CNN is on channels 3 and 423 in Minneapolis and 32 and 213 in Saint Paul.

602 is the Minnesota CNN Espanol channel.

Finally, there’s some big cities where Comcast is the dominant cable provider where the channel numbers for CNN seem to be different than the rest of the state.

The best way to find out these channel numbers is just to look at our list below.

Albuquerque: 33, 229
Atlanta: 34, 834
Chicago: 50, 216
Detroit: 40, 213, 1106

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