What Channel Is Discovery On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/29/23

spectrum discovery channel example
Spectrum Channel Guide in Tarzana, CA │Source: BillSmart

It can be difficult to find the Discovery Channel on Spectrum. That’s because there’s Discovery and Discovery en Espanol and multiple and different Discovery channels for the different areas Spectrum operates in.

This cuts into your time to watch The Deadliest Catch and Naked and Afraid so we at BillSmart did the research to find out which channels you can go to watch the Discovery Channel.

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Discovery Channel On Spectrum

Discovery has two channels – the main Discovery Channel and Discovery en Espanol.

We’ve done some research and found where you can find these channels on your Spectrum TV service.

Spectrum Discovery Channel List

Los Angeles73, 106
San Diego44, 106
Anaheim51, 106
Long Beach69, 769
Bakersfield55, 401, 1401
Reno42, 767
Corpus Christi8, 106
San Antonio30, 106
Austin34, 106
El Paso59, 106
Dallas37, 789
Birmingham27, 147
Montgomery40, 779
Lexington4, 461
Louisville38, 461, 936
Charlotte35, 106
Durham30, 106
Raleigh30, 106
Indianapolis33, 147, 1147
Milwaukee41, 130, 1130
Kansas City45, 106
Columbus22, 461, 935
Cincinnati79, 130, 1130
Cleveland54, 130, 1130
New York66, 106
Albany37, 106
Buffalo14, 106

Spectrum Discovery En Español Channel List

Here’s the channel where you can find Discovery en Espanol where you live.

Discovery En Español Channel List

Los Angeles930
San Diego930
Long Beach258
Corpus Christi930
San Antonio930
El Paso930
Birmingham874, 1147
Kansas City930
New York930

Where To Watch Discovery In NY & NC

The Discovery Channel is on Channel 106 for Spectrum customers in New York. Discovery en Español is available on Channel 930.

For lower-numbered channels, go to 66 in Manhattan, 37 in Albany, and 14 in Buffalo.

The right channels to watch the Discovery Channel in North Carolina are channels 30 and 106.  Swap out Channel 30 for 35 in Charlotte though.

930 is still the right channel to watch the Spanish version of the Discovery Channel for NC.

discovery channel list for spectrum customers
Spectrum Channel Guide in Tarzana, CA │Source: BillSmart

California Spectrum Discovery Channels

If you want to watch the Discovery Channel on Spectrum in CA, go to Channel 106 or 930 for the Spanish-language channel.

Other channels to watch the main Discovery channel include 44 in San Diego, 73 in Los Angeles, and 51 in Anaheim.

For whatever reason, Long Beach and Bakersfield have different channel numbers from the rest of California,

There go to channels 69 and 769 for Long Beach and 258 for Discovery en Español.  Bakersfield residents can watch on channels 55, 401, and 1401.  Español is on Channel 608.

If you’re living in Reno, go to channels 42 and 767 for the primary Discovery channel and 260 for Discovery en Español.

Data For Texas

Trying to watch the Discovery Channel in Texas as a Spectrum customer? 

Channel 106 is a good start for the primary channel and 930 is the right channel for the Spanish version of the Discovery channel.

The only time this won’t take you to the right channel is if you’re in the city of Dallas.

There you’ll need to go to channel 18 for Discovery en Español and channels 37 and 789.

106 isn’t the only channel where you can watch the Discovery Channel in Texas.

It’s also available on channel 8 in Corpus Christi, 30 in San Antonio, 34 in Austin, and 59 in El Paso.

Discovery Channel List For Kentucky & Ohio

You can watch the Discovery Channel on Spectrum in Kentucky on Channel 461 and en Espanol on Channel 371.

It’s also on Channel 4 in Lexington and channels 38 and 936 in Louisville.

130 and 1130 are the right channels to navigate to watch the Discovery Channel in Cleveland and Cincinnati in Ohio.  Discovery en Espanol can be reached in those cities on Channel 809.

Besides those two channels, you can watch on Channel 79 in Cincinnati and 54 in Cleveland.

Columbus is the odd duck with the right Discovery channel numbers being 22, 461, and 936.  Discovery en Espanol is available on Channel 371 in Columbus.

Other Places To Watch

The Discovery Channel is available in other cities on Spectrum but there wasn’t really any logic to which channels it was on in the other cities we’ve reviewed.

For instance, in Birmingham, Discovery is on channels 27 and 147 while in Montgomery, you need to go to channels 40 and 779.

Here are the other cities where we did the research for:

Indianapolis: 33, 147, 1147
Milwaukee: 41, 130, 1130
Kansas City: 45, 106

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