What Channel Is ESPN On Cox?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/2/24

There’s so many channels for ESPN for Cox customers. You can watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, and ESPN Deportes.

All these channels and subchannels are on different locations on your TV depending on where you live.

There wasn’t a good guide on where you could watch ESPN or ESPN2 on Cox so we decided to make one on our own. What can say – it’s something that’s annoyed us and we hope our work will save you a little bit of time and bring some joy to your day.

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Cox ESPN Channel List

ESPN on Cox

Las Vegas30, 1030Virginia Beach12, 1021
Phoenix33, 1033Alexandria56, 1056
Mesa33, 1033Cleveland25, 1025
Glendale33, 1033Santa Barbara34, 1034
Tuscon24, 1024Irvine15, 1015
Scottsdale33, 1033San Diego3, 1003
Providence30, 1030Escondido3, 1003
Gainesville26Omaha31, 1031
New Orleans35, 1035Topeka32, 2032
Baton Rouge35, 1035Wichita32, 2032
Lafayette35, 1035Oklahoma City29, 720
Macon21, 1021Tusla25

ESPN2 On Cox

Cox ESPN2 Channels

Las Vegas31, 1031Virginia Beach60, 1060
Phoenix32, 1032Alexandria55, 1055
Mesa32, 1032Cleveland26, 1026
Glendale32, 1032Santa Barbara35, 1035
Tuscon25, 1025Irvine16, 1016
Scottsdale32, 1032San Diego28, 1028
Providence29, 1029Escondido28, 1028
Gainesville27Omaha30, 1030
New Orleans36, 1036Topeka33, 2033
Baton Rouge36, 1036Wichita33, 2033
Lafayette36, 1036Oklahoma City28, 721
Macon22, 1022Tusla26

Where To Watch In Nevada And Arizona

In Las Vegas, you can watch ESPN on Cox in Las Vegas on Channel 30 and Channel 31 for ESPN2.  ESPN is also on Channel 1030 and ESPN2 is on Channel 1031 in Nevada.

For most cities in Arizona, channels 33 and 1033 are the right channels to watch ESPN.

This will work for most cities except for Tucson where the right channels for ESPN are 24 and 1024. If you want to watch ESPN 2 in AZ, you can do so in Tucson on Channel 24 and 1025 and on Channel 32 and 1032 in the other cities in Arizona.

We’ve noticed that Tucson has different channels from the rest of Arizona a couple of times when writing these articles.

By this point, you might have noticed that you can basically add a thousand and get to the other ESPN channel. The further out ESPN channel is the HD channel so if you’re not happy with your TV image quality go there.

California & Kansas Cox ESPN Channels

San Diego Cox customers can watch ESPN on Channel 3 and on Channel 1003.  ESPN2 is available on Channel 28 and 1028.

Other places where Cox is available in California include Irvine and Santa Barbara.

If you’re trying to watch ESPN in those cities, surf to Channel 15 or 1015 in Irvine and 34 or 1034 in Santa Barbara.  For ESPN2, 35 and 1035 are the right channels for Santa Barbara while 16 and 1016 are the right places for Irvine.

Channels 32 and 2032 are the right channels for ESPN on Cox in Kansas.  This is for cities like Topeka and Wichita.

People in Kansas can watch ESPN2 on Channel 33 or 2033.

cox espn channels

Places To Watch In the East Coast

To watch ESPN in Louisiana on Cox, change your channel to 35 or 1035.  ESPN2 lovers in the state of LA can watch on 36 and 1036.

The ESPN channels in Virginia are separated into Alexandria and Virginia Beach channel groups.

For those in Alexandria, you can watch ESPN on channels 56 and 1056 while ESPN2 is on channels 55 and 1055.

In Virginia Beach and big cities like Hampton and Chesapeake, ESPN is going to be on Channel 12 and 102 while ESPN is on 60 and 1060.

They really love their ESPN there.

Additional Channels for ESPN

There’s other channels where you can watch ESPN and ESPN2 on Cox but they didn’t have much in common.

We feel it’s just easier if we just gave you a list so you can more easily find the channel you’re looking for.

Take a look.

Providence: 30, 1030
Gainesville: 26
Macon: 21, 1021
Omaha: 31, 1031
Oklahoma City: 29, 720
Tulsa: 25

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