What Channel Is ESPN2 On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/18/23

On Xfinity, ESPN2 has multiple and different channels depending on where you live. One of the biggest differences is that the higher-numbered channels are in HD and have better sound and picture quality.

Sports is an important part of our and many Americans’ lives. We cheer when our team scores a goal and moan when our favorite player gets injured.

That’s why we did the research for you to figure out where Comcast customers can watch ESPN 2.

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Comcast ESPN2 Channel List

ESPN 2 On Xfinity

Seattle32, 174, 624Miami35, 404
Spokane34, 174, 624Fort Lauderdale35, 404
Tacoma32, 174, 624Atlanta47, 847
Vancouver36, 736Memphis24, 856, 1606
Portland36, 736Nashville29, 1206
Salem36, 736Chicago30, 203, 1206
Eugene36, 736Indianapolis43, 1606
Salt Lake City36, 669, 1206Fort Wayne30, 1606
Provo36, 669Detroit29, 203, 1606
Denver35, 670Washington9, 851
Colorado Springs34, 734, 1206Baltimore6, 851
Boulder35, 670, 1206Philadelphia16, 851
Minneapolis26, 404, 865San Jose39, 725
Albuquerque9, 253San Francisco39, 725
Tallahassee30, 404Fresno33, 725
Jacksonville49, 404Sacramento33, 725
Orlando34, 404Oakland39, 725

West Coast Xfinity ESPN2 Channels

You can watch ESPN2 on Xfinity in California on Channel 725. 

In addition to that channel, it’s also available on Channel 39 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland and on Channel 33 in Fresno, Sacramento, and Stockton.

I recommend watching on 725 if it’s available in your area because it’s the HD version of ESPN2.

For Washington, ESPN 2 is on channels 174 and 624.  The lower numbered channel is 32 in Seattle and Tacoma and 34 in Spokane.

Oregon residents can view ESPN2 on channels 36 or 736.

Northeast ESPN2 Channels on Comcast

In much of the Northeast, ESPN 2 is on Channel 851 on Comcast.

If you don’t want to go that far, you also have the option to watch on Channel 9 in DC, 6 in Baltimore, 16 in Philadelphia, and 28 in Pittsburgh.

They really love their ESPN in DC and Baltimore.

It’s also possible to make it easy to watch ESPN2 in Florida.  Simply go to channel 404 for the HD version.

To get to the lowered number channels, surf to 35 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, 34 in Orlando, and 49 in Jacksonville.

espn2 on xfinity (channel guide)

Where To Watch In Utah and Colorado

People who live in Utah can watch ESPN 2 on their Xfinity TVs on channels 36 and 669. 1206 is also a channel you can watch in Salt Lake City.

Colorado is a bit of a mixed bag.  ESPN2 is on channels 35 and 670 in Denver and Boulder.

If you want to watch in Colorado Springs, you’ll need to go to channels 34 and 734 instead.  There’s also an ESPN 2 channel on 1206 in Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Other ESPN 2 Channels

The HD version of ESPN2 in Indiana is on Channel 1606 on Comcast.

If you’re okay with slightly lower picture quality, you can watch on Channel 43 in Indianapolis and 30 in Fort Wayne Instead.

Besides the cities that we mentioned, there’s a number of huge metros where Xfinity is the dominant provider where customers might want to watch ESPN 2.

There’s no pattern to the channel numbers like we’ve been talking about so far so we just put together a list of the most notable cities and where you can watch ESPN2 on them.

Minneapolis: 26, 404, 865
Albuquerque: 9, 253
Atlanta: 47, 847
Chicago: 30, 203, 1206
Detroit: 29, 203, 1606

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