What Channel Is ESPNU On Cox?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

Based off our research, ESPNU is on a different channel on Cox in the 17 states Cox has operations in. For example, the right channel in San Diego is 322 while in Oklahoma City you’ll need to surf to 253.

If you don’t know the right channel, you might miss your alma mater getting beaten by Berkeley. Go bears!

We did some work and found out which channels ESPNU is for Cox customers.

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Cox ESPNU Channel List


Las Vegas320, 1320Virginia Beach232, 1232
Phoenix330, 1330Alexandria246, 1246
Mesa330, 1330Cleveland203, 1203
Glendale330, 1330Santa Barbara264, 1264
Tuscon330, 1330Irvine327, 1327
Scottsdale330, 1330San Diego322, 1322
Providence134, 1134Escondido322, 1322
Gainesville251Omaha220, 1220
New Orleans321, 1321Topeka244, 2244
Baton Rouge243, 1243Wichita244, 2244
Lafayette243, 1243Oklahoma City253, 718
Macon319, 1319Tusla303


ESPNU is on Cox on Channel 320 in Las Vegas and Channel 330 in Arizona.

You can also watch ESPNU on Channel 1320 in Las Vegas and Channel 1330 in Arizona.

Cities in Arizona where this is the case include Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, and Scottsdale.

In California, it’s a little bit harder to find the right channel for ESPNU on Cox.

For residents in San Diego and the surrounding cities, the right channel to watch the network is 322 and 1322.

However, for Santa Barbara, you’ll need to go to Channel 264 or 1264 while in Irvine you’ll have to change the channel to 264 or 1264 to start watching ESPNU.

Channels You Can Watch ESPNU On

You can watch ESPNU on Cox in Kansas on channels 244 and 2244.

People who live in Omaha in the state of Nebraska can watch on channels 220 and 1220.

Oklahoma is a bit split.  There you’ll need to go to Channel 303 to watch ESPNU in Tulsa while in Oklahoma City, 253 and 718 are the right places to navigate to.

Cox subscribers in Cleveland can also watch ESPNU on Channel 203 or 1203.

If you haven’t noticed already, for ESPNU and most channels on Cox, there’s a lowered number channel and a channel in the thousands.

They’re paired and the higher number channel is the HD channel, especially if you’re on an older Cox plan or if you’re in an area with more limited-service options.

the espnu chanel on cox

Other Places You Can Go To

Channels 243 and 1243 are the right places to watch ESPNU for Cox customers in Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

The right channel for ESPNU if you’re living in New Orleans is 321 and 132.

Other places in the South that have Cox include Georgia, Florida, and Virginia.

In Macon GA, ESPNU is on 319 and 1319.

Gainesville is interesting in that it only has one ESPNU Channel – 251.

Finally, in Virginia, ESPNU can be watched on Channel 246 and 1246 in Alexandria and on Channel 232 and 1232 in the city of the Virginia Beach and the surrounding cities like Norfolk and Newport News.

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