What Channel Is ESPNU On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 12/20/23

directv espnu channel

We’ve made it easy to find the right channel for ESPNU on DIRECTV.  All you need to do is to go to Channel 208.

There’s another channel for ESPNU and 10 other channels for ESPN College Extra although.

It can be confusing, so we’ll go through the numbers and programming on ESPN’s college cable networks.

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ESPNU DirecTV Channel List

ESPNU on Directv

Birmingham208, 1208Baltimore208, 1208
Little Rock208, 1208Detroit208, 1208
Phoenix208, 1208Minneapolis208, 1208
Yuma208, 1208St. Louis208, 1208
Los Angeles208, 1208Charlotte208, 1208
San Francisco208, 1208Omaha208, 1208
Bakersfield208, 1208Albuquerque208, 1208
San Diego208, 1208Las Vegas208, 1208
Fresno208, 1208New York208, 1208
Sacramento208, 1208Columbus208, 1208
Colorado Springs208, 1208Oklahoma City208, 1208
Denver208, 1208Portland208, 1208
Washington DC208, 1208Philadelphia208, 1208
Jacksonville208, 1208Nashville208, 1208
Fort Worth208, 1208Memphis208, 1208
Miami208, 1208El Paso208, 1208
Orlando208, 1208Houston208, 1208
Tampa208, 1208Brownsville208, 1208
Atlanta208, 1208Dallas208, 1208
Honolulu208, 1208San Antonio208, 1208
Chicago208, 1208Austin208, 1208
Kansas City208, 1208Norfolk208, 1208
Louisville208, 1208Seattle208, 1208
New Orleans208, 1208Boston208, 1208

DirecTV ESPN College Extra Channels

College Extra DIRECTV

Little Rock788-798Detroit788-798
Yuma788-798St. Louis788-798
Los Angeles788-798Charlotte788-798
San Francisco788-798Omaha788-798
San Diego788-798Las Vegas788-798
Fresno788-798New York788-798
Colorado Springs788-798Oklahoma City788-798
Washington DC788-798Philadelphia788-798
Fort Worth788-798Memphis788-798
Miami788-798El Paso788-798
Honolulu788-798San Antonio788-798
Kansas City788-798Norfolk788-798
New Orleans788-798Boston788-798

DIRECTV ESPNU Games & Schedule

ESPNU is available on channel 208 and channel 1208 for Directv customers.

208 is the regular channel and 1208 is the channel for ESPNU on demand.

ESPN created ESPNU to focus on college sports specifically and it has the rights to the most popular college football and basketball leagues in America.

It launched ESPNU because they were being sued for having so many college sports rights but not showing the games.

Some notable rights that it currently has include the Big 12, the Big Ten, the Ivy League, the Pac 12, and the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

They show these games under live sports program names like ESPNU College Baseball and ESPNU College Hockey.

High school games are even on the channel as well as runoff NHL and Formula 1 telecasts.

the espnu channel on directv

Commentary/Documentaries on ESPNU

If you’re looking for commentary on college sports, ESPNU has you covered.

The most popular studio show is SportsCenterU.  It’s basically SportsCenter for college sports.

You’d be surprised how many Sportscenters there are – there’s even one in Mexico City for ESPN in Espano.

Other popular shows include College Football Live, ESPNU Recruiting Insiders, and Give N Go.

ESPNU has recently gotten into the original series.  What’s airing now are Faces of Sports, Honor Roll, and The Season.

Studio shows and documentaries will air when there’s no games airing.

ESPN College Channels On DirecTV

There’s even more college sports from ESPN on DirecTV with the ESPN College Extra channels.

The right place to watch these channels is channels 788-798.  On these channels will be college basketball and football games.

Previously, this set of channels used to be called ESPN Full Court for basketball games and ESPN GamePlan for football games.

You can only watch ESPN College Extra on Hulu and Directv.

Sports air on this channel throughout the year.  It has the majority of ESPN3‘s content.

The reason why there are so many channels is because games could be happening at the same time so they need space to have multiple feeds to show all the games.

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