What Channel Is ESPNU On Dish Network?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/2/24

espnu on dish network channel

Dish Network subscribers can watch ESPNU on Channel 141.

It’s on the sports and specifically ESPN section of your TV guide between 140 and 145.

Read on to learn more about what games and programs are on ESPNU.

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Little Rock141Detroit141
Yuma141St. Louis141
Los Angeles141Charlotte141
San Francisco141Omaha141
San Diego141Las Vegas141
Fresno141New York141
Colorado Springs141Oklahoma City141
Washington DC141Philadelphia141
Fort Worth141Memphis141
Miami141El Paso141
Honolulu141San Antonio141
Kansas City141Norfolk141
New Orleans141Boston141

Dish Network ESPNU Guide

The correct channel to watch ESPNU throughout the country on Dish is Channel 141.

That’s the case because Dish has the same channel format for most channels except for the broadcast channels.

ESPNU is in the sports channel section of Dish which is from Channel 140 to 159.

It’s the second channel, right after ESPNU in keeping with its importance as a channel.

Besides watching on Channel 141 on your TV, you can also watch on Dish Anywhere and on the ESPN website/app.

For both options, you’ll need to log in with your Dish ID so that they know you’re a customer to start watching.

Either watch it on their website or the app.

We recommend using the app if you plan on watching it on your phone or tablet.  Dish anywhere is more convenient because you can switch to other channels.

dish and espnu

What Rights Does ESPNU Have

The ESPNU channel focuses on college sports.

It has the rights to conferences like the SEC, Pac-12, Ivy League, Big 10, and Big 12.

The marquee programs air on programs like ESPNU College Hockey and ESPNU College Baseball.

ESPNU airs more than just college sports.  They even have high school sports and NHL and Formula 1 games when ESPN needs overflow from programming conflicts.

One of the reasons why ESPN created ESPNU is that they had so much college content that they weren’t airing that they were being sued by fans and the federal government for being a monopoly.

If you can’t find the game that you’re looking for, it’s likely that it’s on the CBS Sports Channel – they have a lot of college sports as well.

In fact, they started out as the College Sports Channel.

Non Sports Shows on ESPNU

When games aren’t on, ESPNU will generally air commentary on past and upcoming events.

Most of the time it’s going to be SportsCenterU.  It’s the same thing as SportsCenter on the main ESPN channel but for college sports.

They also have shows like Give N GO, College Football Live, and ESPNU Recruiting Insiders.

ESPNU is also making a push to release more documentaries that people might be interested in.

Some examples include The Season, Honor Roll, and Faces of Sports.

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