What Channel Is The Food Network On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/2/24

food network channel spectrum guide
Spectrum Channel Guide in Hawaii │Source: BillSmart

While the Food Network is usually on Channel 162 for Spectrum customers, there’s usually a lowered numbered channel you can watch and 162 is the wrong channel for some big cities.

The Food Network is one of our favorite cable channels and we want people to get to watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives as soon as possible.

That’s why we did the research for you to figure out what channels you can watch the Food Network if you’re with Spectrum.

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List of Food Network Channels on Spectrum

Food Network Channels By City

Los Angeles53, 162
San Diego51, 162
Anaheim61, 162
Long Beach56, 756
Bakersfield59, 405, 1405
Reno51, 713
Corpus Christi60, 162
San Antonio47, 162
Austin32, 162
El Paso64, 162
Dallas68, 755
Birmingham55, 202, 1202
Montgomery43, 751
Lexington47, 211, 984
Louisville46, 211, 984
Charlotte55, 162
Durham60, 162
Raleigh60, 162
Indianapolis49, 202, 1202
Milwaukee66, 151, 1151
Kansas City52, 162
Columbus50, 211, 984
Cincinnati81, 151, 1151
Cleveland48, 151, 1151
New York50, 162
Albany42, 162
Buffalo61, 162

Food Network on Spectrum (NY/NC)

The Food Network is on Channel 162 on Spectrum in New York.  Besides 162, you can watch on Channel 50 in Manhattan, 42 in Albany, and 61 in Buffalo.

If you’re trying to watch Food Network in Ohio, you can watch on channels 151 and 1161 in Cleveland and Cincinnati.  Other options include channel 48 in Cleveland and 81 in Cincinnati.

For Columbus, you’ll need to go to channels 50, 211, and 984.

162 is also the right channel to watch Food Network in Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh.  It’s also available on Channel 60 in Durham and Raleigh and 55 in Charlotte.

The Spectrum Food Network Channel in Texas & Kentucky

Texas residents in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso can watch the Food Network on Spectrum on Channel 162.

There’s also lowered numbered channels that I’ve listed below.

Corpus Christi: 60, 162
San Antonio: 47, 162
Austin: 32, 162
El Paso: 64, 162
Dallas: 68, 755

Dallas for whatever reason also has different numbered channels than the rest of Texas.  To watch Food Network there, go to channel 68 or 755.

Residents of Lexington and Louisville can watch Food Network on channels 211 and 984.  The lowered number channel for Lexington is 47 and 46 in Louisville.

California Spectrum Food Network Channels

Spectrum customers in California can watch Food Network on Channel 162 in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim.

It’s also on Channel 53 in LA, 51 in San Diego, and 61 in Anaheim.

Long Beach and Bakersfield are outlier cities.  To watch Food Network in Long Beach, you’ll need to surf to channels 56 or 759 while in Bakersfield the right channel numbers are 59, 405, and 1405.

To watch in Reno, just go to channels 51 or 713.

Other Places To Watch

Here’s some of the other channels where you can watch Food Network in big American cities with a heavy concentration of Spectrum customers.

Birmingham: 55, 202, 1202
Montgomery: 43, 751
Indianapolis: 49, 202, 1202
Milwaukee: 66, 151, 1151
Kansas City: 52, 162

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