What Channel Is Fox Business On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 11/30/23

spectrum fox business channel guide
Spectrum Channel Guide in Los Angeles│Source: BillSmart

The Fox Business Channel is on Spectrum on a different channel depending on your zip code. It’s usually on channel 206 but there are some cities like Cleveland and Reno where you’ll need to go to a different channel.

It’s important for your personal finances to have the latest financial news from Cavuto or Maria so we did the research to find out where Fox Business is on your Spectrum TV.

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Spectrum Fox Business Channel List

Fox Business Channel Spectrum Guide

Los Angeles86, 206
San Diego83, 206
Anaheim80, 206
Long Beach129, 829
Bakersfield96, 1096
Reno94, 718
Corpus Christi90, 206
San Antonio90, 206
Austin90, 206
El Paso90, 206
Dallas97, 718
Birmingham66, 306, 1306
Montgomery86, 793
Lexington72, 415, 903
Louisville78, 415, 903
Charlotte81, 206
Durham81, 206
Raleigh81, 206
Indianapolis90, 306, 1306
Milwaukee82, 353, 1353
Kansas City87, 206
Columbus82, 415, 903
Cincinnati62, 353, 1353
Cleveland94, 353, 1353
New York43, 206
Albany72, 206
Buffalo80, 206

How To Watch Fox Business On Spectrum (Channel List)

You can watch Fox Business on Spectrum on channels 90 and 206 in most of Texas.  The only modification you’ll need to make is if you live in Dallas where you’ll need to go to channels 97 or 718.

For the other major cities like Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso, 90 and 206 are the right channels to go to.

It’s simple to watch Fox Business in North Carolina.  Just go to channels 81 or 206 if you’re in the cities of Charlotte, Durham, or Raleigh.

Spectrum Fox Business Channels (NY/KY/OH)

Fox Business is on channel 206 for Spectrum customers in New York.  If you want to watch on a lowered number channel, you can do so on Channel 43 in New York, 72 in Albany, and 80 in Buffalo.

To watch Fox Business in Kentucky, go to Channel 415 or 903.  It’s also on Channel 72 in Lexington and 78 in Louisville.

Residents of Cleveland and Cincinnati can watch Fox Business on 353 and 1353.  They also have the option to watch on Channel 62 in Cincinnati and 94 in Cleveland.

Those in Columbus will need to go to channels 82, 415, or 903 to watch Fox Business.

Fox Business on Spectrum in California

Most Spectrum customers in California can watch Fox Business on Channel 206.  However, that’s not the case in Long Beach and Bakersfield.

The right channels to watch Fox Business in Long Beach is channels 129 and 829 while in Bakersfield you’ll need to go to channel 96 or 1096.

Lowered numbered channels for Fox Business for the rest of CA include channel 86 in LA, 83 in San Diego, and 80 in Anaheim.

If you’re in Reno, go to channels 94 or 718 to watch Fox Business.

Other Cities You Can Watch FB

There’s a couple of other cities where you can watch Fox Business on Spectrum.

We compiled a list of these cities below.

Birmingham: 66, 306, 1306
Montgomery: 86, 793
Indianapolis: 90, 306, 1306
Milwaukee: 82, 363, 1363
Kansas City: 87, 206

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