What Channel Is Fox On Cox?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/12/23

Cox operates in over 17 states and the Fox channel isn’t the same for every location.

That’s bad. It means that you might miss some of Hell’s Kitchen or the local news.

We didn’t want that to happen so we did some digging and found out what channel Fox is on in the major cities where Cox is available.

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Cox Fox Channel List

Fox On Cox

Las Vegas5, 1005Virginia Beach14, 1014
Phoenix10, 84, 1010Alexandria5, 1005
Mesa10, 1010Cleveland8, 1008
Glendale10, 1010Santa Barbara11, 1011
Tuscon11, 1011Irvine11, 1011
Scottsdale10, 1010San Diego5, 1005
Providence11, 1011Escondido5, 1005
Gainesville13Omaha10, 1010
New Orleans9, 1009Topeka6, 2006
Baton Rouge6, 1006Wichita4, 2004
Lafayette6, 1006Oklahoma City12, 712
Macon2, 1002Tusla5

West Coast Fox Channels On Cox

On Cox, Fox is on Channel 11 in Santa Barbara and Irvine and on Channel 5 in San Diego and Escondido.

In addition, you can also watch Fox on Channel 1011 in Irvine and Santa Barbara and on 1005 in Escondido and San Diego.

Looking outwards towards Las Vegas, the right channel to go watch Fox is 5 and 1005.

That’s something that we’ve found in common with Cox across their channel lists – there’s going to be a lowered number channel and a matched channel in the thousands.

Most Cox customers in Arizona can watch the Paramount Channel on Cox on Channel 25 or Channel 1025.

Where Can You Watch Fox

You can watch Fox on Cox on Channel 10 in Arizona.  The only city where you’ll have to make an adjustment is Tucson, where Fox is on Channel 11 instead.

Fox is also available on Channel 1010 in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Scottsdale.  1011 is another channel where you can watch Fox in Tucson.

There’s some cities where there’s no HD channel for Fox on Cox.

These cities are Gainesville and Tulsa where you’ll have to go to Channel 5 to watch in Tulsa and surf to Channel 13 to watch in Gainesville.

fox channel guide for cox

Other Places You Can Go To

Cox customers can watch Fox in Lafayette and Baton Rouge on channels 6 and 1006.  New Orleans residents can go to 9 and 1009 instead.

For Alexandria, Fox is on Channel 5 and 1005.  In the Virginia Beach area, the right channel for Fox is going to be channels 14 and 1014.

There’s a number of other cities where Cox offers service where you might want to watch Fox.

We put their channel numbers below because there’s not much that they have in common.

Providence: 11, 1011
Macon: 2, 1002
Cleveland: 8, 1008
Omaha: 10, 1010
Oklahoma City: 12, 712

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