What Channel Is FX On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/2/24

Finding the right channel for FX on your Xfinity service is confusing. There’s sub channels like FXX and FXM and what channel FX changes depending on where you live.

This can make it difficult for your plans to watch Archer or American Horror Story which is just plain sad.

We’ve tried to make it easier for you by putting in the work and figuring out which channels FX, FXM and FXX is on where you live.

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Comcast FX Channel List

FX Xfinity Channels

Seattle53, 665Miami41, 451
Spokane53, 665Fort Lauderdale44, 451
Tacoma53, 665Atlanta43, 843
Vancouver53, 753Memphis51, 841, 1207
Portland53, 753Nashville70, 1409
Salem53, 753Chicago56, 267
Eugene53, 753Indianapolis55, 1207
Salt Lake City43, 689, 1409Fort Wayne16, 1207
Provo43, 689Detroit32, 224, 1207
Denver27, 691Washington63, 824
Colorado Springs52, 774, 1409Baltimore32, 824
Boulder27, 691, 1409Philadelphia25
Saint Paul64, 830Pittsburgh36, 824
Minneapolis50, 830San Jose36, 741
Albuquerque39, 256San Francisco36, 741
Tallahassee53, 451Fresno29, 741
Jacksonville23, 451Sacramento57, 741
Orlando66, 451Oakland36, 741

FXX Channels on Xfinity

FXX Channel Guide

Seattle401, 618Miami392, 728
Spokane401, 618Fort Lauderdale392, 728
Tacoma401, 618Atlanta124
Vancouver401, 800Memphis219, 643
Portland401, 800Nashville707, 1410
Salem401, 800Chicago337, 401
Eugene401, 800Indianapolis267, 1715
Salt Lake City401, 732, 1410Fort Wayne267, 1715
Provo401Detroit727, 991, 1635
Denver401, 692Washington725, 842
Colorado Springs125, 843, 1410Baltimore725, 842
Saint Paul267, 915Pittsburgh125, 1715
Minneapolis728, 915San Jose401, 803
Albuquerque267, 883San Francisco401, 803
Tallahassee728Fresno401, 803
Jacksonville517, 728Sacramento401, 803
Orlando517, 728Oakland401, 803

Xfinity FXM Channel Guide

FXM On Comcast

Spokane66Fort Lauderdale259
Eugene506San Francisco506
Salt Lake City506, 1766Sacramento506
Colorado Springs146, 1766Tallahassee162
Boulder506, 1766Philadelphia63
Saint Paul54, 172Pittsburgh146
Minneapolis259San Jose506

FX On Xfinity (WA/OR/MN)

The right channel for FX on Xfinity in Washington and Oregon state is Channel 53.  If you really wanted to go further out, you can watch FX on Channel 665 in Washington and Channel 753 in Oregon.

For FXX go to Channel 401 in WA/OR and for FXM, you can watch on Channel 506.

In Utah, FX is on channels 43 and 689.  As it is in Washington and Oregon, residents in Utah can watch FXX on Channel 401 and FXM on 506.

830 is the channel in common where you can go to watch FX in Minnesota.  Lowered number channels in that state include 50 in Minneapolis and 64 in Saint Paul.

FXX is on Channel 915 in MN although you also can watch on Channel 267 in Saint Paul and 728 in Minneapolis.

The channels for FXM don’t have much in common because you’ll have to go to Channel 259 to watch FXM in Minneapolis but in Saint Paul, the right channels are 54 and 172.

Where To Watch FX On Florida

FX is available for Florida Comcast customers on Channel 451.  It’s a popular channel so it’s available on lowered number channels as well.

These are 53 in Tallahassee, 23 in Jacksonville, 66 in Orlando, 41 in Miami, and 44 in Fort Lauderdale.

They’re close together but not quite the same channel.

For most of Florida you can watch FXX on Channel 728 and FXM on Channel 259.

The places where this is not the case is for FXM in Tallahassee and Jacksonville where in Jacksonville there is no FXM Channel and in Tallahassee where the right FXM channel is 16 instead of 259.

For FXM besides 728, 517 is an alternative in Orlando and Jacksonville and 392 is the alternative in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

It makes it more difficult to find the FXX and FXM channels easily but that’s how Comcast has it set up.

xfinity fx channels

Xfinity California FX Channel Numbers

Xfinity customers in California can watch FX on Channel 741.  FX is also available on Channel 36 in San Jose, SF, and Oakland, 29 in Fresno and Stockton, and 57 in Sacramento.

The FX subchannels are very easy to find in California.

For FXX just go to channel 401 or 803 and for FXM 506 is the correct channel to navigate to.

Indianapolis residents can watch FX on Channel 1207.  For easier viewing, Comcast subscribers also have the ability to go to Channel 16 in Fort Wayne and 55 in Indianapolis to watch FX.

FXM unfortunately is not available in Indiana.  FXX is however on channels 267 and 1715.

Other Ways To Watch

Washington DC and Baltimore share similar channels for FX and FXX.  824 will work if you’re trying to watch FX in those cities and 725 and 842 are the right channels to watch FXX on.

Besides 824, you also can watch FX on Channel 32 in Baltimore and 63 in DC.

There’s a number of cities where Xfinity has operations where you might want to watch FX.  We researched and found the right channels but there’s not much in common between these articles.

What we think is best and what we did was just to give you a list that you can look at below.

Albuquerque: 39, 256
Atlanta: 43, 843
Chicago: 56, 267
Denver: 27, 691
Detroit: 32, 224, 1207
Nashville: 70, 1409

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