What Channel Is GAC On DirecTV?

by Allison Cruz | Updated 12/22/23

directv gac channel list

The right channel to watch GAC on DirecTV is Channel 326.  That’s the right place to go no matter where you live.

You don’t have to worry about the channel being in different places depending on where you live like you would with a cable or fiber company.

Hope this helps and, in this guide, we’ll go over GAC’s current and Christmas schedule so you can not only find the channel but also find out what you want to watch on the channel.

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GAC On DirecTV

Directv x GAC

Little Rock326Detroit326
Yuma326St. Louis326
Los Angeles326Charlotte326
San Francisco326Omaha326
San Diego326Las Vegas326
Fresno326New York326
Colorado Springs326Oklahoma City326
Washington DC326Philadelphia326
Fort Worth326Memphis326
Miami326El Paso326
Honolulu326San Antonio326
Kansas City326Norfolk326
New Orleans326Boston326

Great American Channel Schedule

Directv has made it simple to find the right channel for GAC (326) and GAC has a simple schedule for its shows and movies.

Most of the time the Great American Channel (GAC) airs reruns.  Right now, they have the rights to Columbo, Murder, and Little House on the Prairie.

Murder, She Wrote airs from 9 am to 1 pm and 10 pm to midnight on weekdays.  1 pm to 6 pm is the time when you can watch Little House of the Prairie.

Columbo fills up the gap between 6 am to 9 am.

GAC airs two movies a day from 6 pm to 10 pm during weekdays.  Recent movies we watched included Identical Love and A Royal Seaside Romance.

The regular weekend schedule for the Great American Channel is even simpler!  On Saturdays, they play reruns of Murder, She Wrote for the entire day.

directv gac channel

Directv Channels For GAC Christmas Movies

One of the reasons why DirecTV picked up the GAC channel is because of GAC’s Christmas movies.

GAC has really exploded in popularity since 2021.  The folks who launched Hallmark wanted to make even better content and revamped the channel.

Since they released 13 Christmas movies in 2021 and 18 Christmas movies in 2022.

We’re hoping for even more Christmas movies in 2024.  The season will start in earnest in November although you can still watch a Christmas movie or two during the weekdays.

Some of our favorites are Aisle Be Home for Christmas and When Hope Calls Christmas.

It’s great that we have another source of great Christmas content along with Lifetime and Hallmark because we can always watch a new Christmas movie.

Where Else Can You Watch

Although it’s convenient to watch GAC on DIRECTV on Channel 326, sometimes you want to watch it on the go.

Fortunately, you can do that online and on your phone using the DirecTV Stream app.

GAC has been busy making more shows and movies so unlike Hallmark and Lifetime, there’s really no way to watch GAC shows online except through your service provider.

One of the benefits of just using the Directv stream app is that it’s easier to watch other channels once you’re finished with GAC.

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