What Channel Is The Golf Channel On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/13/23

Xfinity doesn’t make it easy to find the right channel to watch the Golf Channel. There are 24+ different channels the Golf Channel could be on depending on where you live.

This makes it difficult to watch what’s happening with the PGA tour and if Tiger will ever make a comeback.

We wanted to help out so we did some research and found the right channels to watch the Golf Channel for the big cities where Comcast operates in.

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Comcast Golf Channel List

The Golf Channel On Xfinity

Seattle70, 625Miami36, 405
Spokane33, 625Fort Lauderdale36, 405
Tacoma70, 625Atlanta49, 849
Vancouver33, 733Memphis63, 827, 1611
Portland33, 733Nashville54, 1223
Salem33, 733Chicago75, 199
Eugene33, 733Indianapolis45, 1611
Salt Lake City62, 670, 1223Fort Wayne28, 1611
Provo62, 670Detroit26, 207, 1611
Denver69, 672Washington11, 849
Colorado Springs168, 754, 1223Baltimore3, 849
Boulder69, 672, 1223Philadelphia34
Saint Paul59, 207, 862Pittsburgh31, 849
Minneapolis29, 401, 862San Jose82, 749
Albuquerque36, 251San Francisco80, 749
Tallahassee27, 405Fresno36, 722
Jacksonville52, 405Sacramento35, 722
Orlando36, 405Oakland82, 749

Florida Xfinity Golf Channels

The Golf Channel is on Channel 405 in Florida for Xfinity customers.  There’s lowered numbered channels where you can watch the Golf Channel as well.

Those are 36 in Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, 52 in Jacksonville, and 27 in Tallahassee.

To watch the Golf Channel in Oregon, go to channels 33 or 733.  33 and 733 are also the right channel to watch the Golf Channel for Vancouver Washington.

In the rest of Washington, you can watch the Golf Channel on 625 although you also have the option to watch on 70 in Seattle and Tacoma and on 33 in Spokane.

The Golf Channel On Comcast (UH/CO/MN)

You can watch the Golf Channel on your Comcast TV on channels 62 and 670 in Utah.  If you really want to as well, you can go to Channel 1223 to watch the Golf Channel in Salt Lake City.

It’s a bit complicated in Colorado.  69 and 672 are the shared channels where you can watch the Golf Channel in Denver and Boulder while 1223 is the common channel for Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Instead of 69 and 672, you’ll need to go to channels 168 or 754 to watch on lowered-numbered channels in Colorado Springs.

862 is the commonly held channel in Minnesota but better channels to go to are 29 and 401 in Minneapolis and 59 and 207 in Saint Paul.

golf channel comcast guide

How To Watch In California

It’s very confusing to find the right channel for Xfinity for the Golf Channel in California.  There are a couple of channels in common but they’re mostly random channels.

Probably just easier to take at this list below.

San Jose: 82, 749
San Francisco: 80, 749
Fresno: 36, 722
Sacramento: 35, 722
Oakland: 82, 749
Stockton: 36, 722

849 is the right channel to watch the Golf Channel in DC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

Besides 849, you can watch on Channel 3 in Baltimore, 11 in Washington DC, and 31 in Pittsburgh.

I guess they really love their PGA tour in Baltimore and DC if their channels are so low-numbered.

Where Else You Can Watch

There’s also some big cities where Comcast that the Golf Channel is available you have to know if you live there.

Here’s the list of the big cities that we researched.

Albuquerque: 36, 251
Atlanta: 49, 849
Chicago: 75, 199
Detroit: 26, 207, 1611
Philadelphia: 34

Also, 1611 is the channel you can go to watch the Golf Channel in Indiana.  If you don’t want to put in 4 digits, you can also watch on 28 in Fort Wayne and 45 in Indianapolis.

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