What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 10/10/23

directv hgtv channel

If you have DirecTV, you can watch HGTV on Channel 229.

229 is the right channel to watch HGTV on DirecTV throughout the country.

HGTV has a lot of great content that you won’t want to miss.

For the rest of this article, we’ll go through HGTV’s current schedule, shows, and all the ways you have to watch the channel and individual shows and episodes.

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HGTV DirecTV Channel


Little Rock229Detroit229
Yuma229St. Louis229
Los Angeles229Charlotte229
San Francisco229Omaha229
San Diego229Las Vegas229
Fresno229New York229
Colorado Springs229Oklahoma City229
Washington DC229Philadelphia229
Fort Worth229Memphis229
Miami229El Paso229
Honolulu229San Antonio229
Kansas City229Norfolk229
New Orleans229Boston229

Top HGTV Shows

DIRECTV customers have access to HGTV on Channel 229.

They have a lot of shows vs other cable networks that mostly show reruns and old movies with some sports mixed in.

Some of their biggest hits include The Property Brothers, House Hunters, and Love It Or List It.

They’re continuing to find new stars by launching newer shows like Good Bones and My Lottery Dream House.

That much content makes it difficult to catch up with your favorite stars easily.  We have solutions for you below.

directv hgtv channel

HGTV Schedule On DirecTV

If you want to catch up on the current schedule for HGTV, go to Channel 229 if you have DirecTV.

The mainstay of HGTV’s schedule is House Hunters.  It’s on a lot, especially in the evenings although sometimes episodes start running at 6 PM or 8 PM.

There’s usually an hour or two of new content in the prime-time slot that interrupts our nightly House Hunter marathons.

For the rest of the time, HGTV on their cable channel airs their other shows especially their newer shows with fresh talent.

They have a lot of shows so there’s no fixed weekly schedule at this time of what shows will air.

It really depends on which shows have a new season out or haven’t aired for a while and are fresher.

Because of this, we’ve found it’s pretty difficult to watch some of the most popular shows on HGTV like The Property Brothers and Love It Or List It.

There’s a solution but it’s going to involve your computer or phone.

Other Places To Watch

In addition to Channel 229, you can also watch HGTV on DirecTV stream and the HGTV website or app.

There are advantages and disadvantages to watching with the two options.

The main one is that with the HGTV website/app you can watch on-demand episodes of your favorite shows when you want.

There’s more clicking around but if there’s a particular series or episodes you want to watch, it’s going to be a lot better than DirecTV stream.

DirecTV stream is great if you like to surf between channels when there’s a commercial.  You can watch other channels besides HGTV for a more entertaining experience.

For both these options, you’ll need to log in with your DirecTV account to get in and access the content.

Unfortunately, there’s no HGTV+ channel on your DirecTV tv guide.

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