What Channel Is HGTV On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/7/23

Unfortunately, HGTV is on a different channel depending on where you live. Sometimes it’s on multiple channels as well.

This makes it more difficult to watch your favorite shows like Love It Or List It or The Property Brothers.

That shouldn’t happen so we did the work for you and found out what channels HGTV is on Comcast for the major cities where Xfinity operates in.

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HGTV Comcast Channel List

HGTV Channels on Xfinity

Seattle68, 674Miami61, 415
Spokane68, 674Fort Lauderdale61, 415
Tacoma68, 674Atlanta59, 859
Vancouver67, 767Memphis54, 843, 1290
Portland67, 767Nashville44, 1492
Salem67, 767Chicago68, 179
Eugene67, 767Indianapolis54, 1290
Salt Lake City45, 684, 1492Fort Wayne40, 1290
Provo45, 684Detroit54, 198, 1290
Denver39, 682Washington55, 838
Colorado Springs44, 767, 1492Baltimore46, 838
Boulder39, 682, 1492Philadelphia37
Saint Paul63, 198, 828Pittsburgh58, 838
Minneapolis40, 415, 828San Jose67, 746
Albuquerque68, 222San Francisco67, 746
Tallahassee56, 415Fresno58, 746
Jacksonville21, 415Sacramento61, 746
Orlando70, 415Oakland67, 746

California Xfinity HGTV Channels

Californians can watch HGTV on their Xfinity TVs on Channel 746.  There’s also lowered numbered channels where you can watch as well.

Examples include Channel 67 for San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, 58 in Fresno and Stockton, and 61 in Sacramento.

Channels 68 and 674 are the right channels to go to watch HGTV in the cities of Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma in Washington.

If you’re trying to watch HGTV in Oregon or Vancouver Washington, just surf to channel 67 or 767.

What Channel Is HGTV On Comcast In Utah

HGTV is on channels 45 and 684 for Comcast customers in Utah.  You can also watch HGTV on Channel 1492 in Salt Lake City.

415 is the right channel number to watch in Florida.  Besides 415, HGTV is also on Channel 61 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, 70 in Orlando, and 21 in Jacksonville.

Trying to watch HGTV in Indiana?  Just go to Channel 1290 and if you don’t want to go all that way, go to Channel 40 in Fort Wayne and 54 in Indianapolis.

For many cities on the East Coast, Channel 838 is the right place to watch HGTV.  This will work for Washington DC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

In addition to 838, you can watch HGTV on 55 in DC, 46 in Baltimore, and 58 in Pittsburg.

hgtv on xfinity (channel list)

Where To Watch In CO and MN

You can watch HGTV on Xfinity on channels 39 and 682 in Denver and Boulder.  HGTV is also on Channel 1492 in Boulder and Colorado Springs.

Colorado Spring residents can also watch HGTV on channels 44 and 767.

In Minnesota, the common HGTV channel for the state is 828.  Besides 828, HGTV is also available on channels 63 and 198 in Saint Paul and 40 and 415 in Minneapolis.

There’s also some big cities where we found you can watch HGTV.  It’s just easier to read it as a list so that’s what we did below.

Albuquerque: 68, 222
Atlanta: 59, 859
Chicago: 68, 179
Detroit: 54, 198, 1290
Philadelphia: 37
Memphis: 54, 843, 1290
Nashville: 44, 1492

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