How To Lower Your US Cellular Bill

by Allison Cruz | Updated 12/19/23

US Cellular doesn’t have a ton of ways to lower your bill, but there are things you can do to save up to 30% on your bill.

At BillSmart, we’ve negotiated thousands of US Cellular bills so we know the tips and tricks to maximize the savings on your bill and get you the lowest rate.

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Upgrade To The Latest Plans

The best way to lower your US Cellular bill is to check if you can get the features of your current plan at a much lower price.

US Cellular changes their plans almost every year and if you’re on an old plan that costs more and has fewer features, they’re not going to automatically move you into a better plan.

Unfortunately, you’re going to need to do it yourself manually or have someone do it for you on your behalf.

You can get started by calling 1-888-944-9400 or chatting with US Cellular customer support online.

The current names of the post-paid plans that US Cellular offers are: Basic, Everyday 2.0, and Even Better 2.0. We’ve found that if the name of your plan is Evolve, you can generally save $20+ by moving to US Cellular’s current plans while getting better features on your plan.

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Lower Your Bill By Removing Your Hotspot

Another great way to save money on your US Cellular bill is to check your plan usage to see if you’re using all the features your current plan offers.

US Cellular currently has 3 tiers of service: Basic, Everyday 2.0, and Even Better 2.0.

how to lower your us cellular bill

The main difference between Basic and the more premium plans is that these other plans offer a mobile hotspot.

If you don’t use or don’t even know what a mobile hotspot is, you can save $10-$15 per line on your bill by moving to US Cellular’s Unlimited Basic Plan.

Please note that with Unlimited Basic, you’re also going to have lower video streaming speeds when you’re on mobile data – 480p vs HD streaming.  You’ll also forgo Unlimited LTE Data in Mexico and Canada and the perk of being able to rent a Redbox movie every night.

If you’re on the Even Better Plan and a hotspot and some of the above features are important to you, check to see if the mid-tier Everyday plan matches your hot spot usage.

The only difference between the plans is that Even Better has 30GB of monthly mobile hotspot data but Everyday has 15GB a month.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to change your plan online.  Your best bet is to call US Cellular Customer support or have someone make this change for you on your behalf.

Save On Your Device Payments

The final way to save on US Cellular is to see if you can save money on your device payments.

If you bought your mobile device with US Cellular, you’re generally on a 24–36-month plan and are paying your devices off monthly.

If you’ve been a long-time customer and if you’ve been paying your phone for 6+ months, you can call up US Cellular customer service to see if they can waive or reduce your monthly payments.

In our experience, you can get about 50% of the phone cost waived for iPhones – that’s about $25 a month. They do this to keep you as a customer. 

It’s easier to do this if you have multiple lines with them, have been a long-time customer and say that you are thinking of switching to another service provider like Verizon or T-Mobile.

Consider Alternatives To US Cellular

It’s an unfortunate truth but phone companies treat new customers better than existing customers.

If you move from US Cellular to a new phone provider, you might have the chance to save 20%+ on your bill and might even get a phone or two for free.

The market for phone plans for budget-oriented people has changed a lot over the last couple of years. 

US Cellular has cheap phone plans but there are many other companies that offer cheaper plans with even better coverage and service.

If you’re okay switching your phone plan, I recommend looking at services such as Visible and Spectrum Mobile.

Visible is a low-cost phone service launched by Verizon that has plans as low as $25 a month for unlimited data and unlimited hotspot if you’re able to convince 3 other people to join your “Party Pay” plan.

Cable providers like Spectrum and Xfinity are getting into the mobile phone game and are offering cheap phone plans to bundle with internet service.  Spectrum is $30 a month for two phones although the data that they give you is quite limited.

It doesn’t hurt to explore your options.  Before US Cellular might have been one of the few companies that offered service in your town – fast forward today and there might be 10+ options that you can go with.

Lower Your US Cellular Bill With BillSmart

For most people, your cell phone service is one of the biggest monthly expenses that you have. 

It’s important to make sure you’re getting the lowest rate on your US Cellular bill by paying only what you need to for what you use or by switching to another service if you can get a plan with better features at a cheaper rate.

If you don’t want to do this on your own, we’re happy to help and lower your US Cellular bill for you.

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