What Channel Is The Dolphins Game On

by Mark Chen | Updated 10/9/23

Miami dolphins game channel

Miami Dolphins games are on a different channel every week depending on who has the rights of that game.

Most Dolphins games will be on CBS but games will also air on Fox, NBC, and even Amazon Prime.

Dolphins fans don’t need more headaches and heartbreaks so we did the research for you for the right days, times, and channels to watch Dolphins games this season.

Look below and we’ll keep this article updated for the season with all the places and ways to watch the Dolphins.

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What Time Do the Dolphins Play Today

Today, the Dolphins will play at 1 p.m. on Sunday, October 15 on the CBS broadcast network channel.

They’re going up against the Carolina Panthers so it’s going to be a very exciting game.

To find the right channel to watch the game on Spectrum and DirecTV, check out our channel lists by city below.

cbs spectrum nfl game channel

Birmingham42, 390, 391Baltimore13, 390, 391
Little Rock11, 390, 391Detroit62, 390, 391
Yuma13, 390, 391Minneapolis4, 390, 391
Phoenix5, 390, 391St. Louis4, 390, 391
Los Angeles2, 390, 391Charlotte3, 390, 391
San Diego8, 390, 391Omaha3, 390, 391
Bakersfield29, 390, 391Albuquerque13, 390, 391
Fresno47, 390, 391Las Vegas8, 390, 391
San Francisco5, 390, 391New York2, 390, 391
Sacramento13, 390, 391Columbus10, 390, 391
Colorado Springs11, 390, 391Oklahoma City9, 390, 391
Denver4, 390, 391Portland6, 390, 391
Washington DC9, 390, 391Philadelphia3, 390, 391
Jacksonville47, 390, 391Memphis3, 390, 391
Fort Worth11, 390, 391Nashville5, 390, 391
Miami4, 390, 391San Antonio5, 390, 391
Tampa10, 390, 391El Paso4, 390, 391
Orlando6, 390, 391Brownsville4, 390, 391
Atlanta46, 390, 391Dallas11, 390, 391
Honolulu9, 390, 391Houston11, 390, 391
Chicago2, 390, 391Austin42, 390, 391
Kansas City5, 390, 391Norfolk3, 390, 391
Louisville4, 32, 390, 391Seattle7, 390, 391
New Orleans4, 390, 391Boston4, 390, 391

Miami Dolphins vs Carolina Panthers

Who do you think will win when it’s the Dolphins vs the Panthers?

We’re going to find out on 10/15 when they start playing at 1 p.m.

You don’t want to miss it.

If you have Xfinity or DIRECTV, you can find the right channel in your area in the guides that we’ve listed below.

cbs xfinity nfl game channel
CBS on Dish

San Francisco5New Orleans4
San Diego8Detroit62
Fresno47Las Vegas8
Sacramento13New York2
Los Angeles2Philadelphia3
Colorado Springs11Nashville5
Washington DC9El Paso4
Fort Worth11Brownsville4
Miami4San Antonio5
Tampa10, 5151, 8691Austin42

Dolphins Next Game (Right Channel)

Next, the Dolphins will play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 22.

The game is scheduled for 8:20 p.m. on the NBC broadcast channel.

We’ll help you find the channel numbers for NBC when we get closer to the game date.

Miami Dolphins 2023 Game Channel Schedule

The 2023 game schedule for the Miami Dolphins starts on August 11th with the 1st game of the preseason.

It will end unless the team progresses to the playoffs on January 7th in Week 18 of the football season.

8 of the games this season will be on CBS.

Other channels and locations to watch the games this season include the NFL Network, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video.

The right channel to watch the Dolphins game every week often changes from week to week without a consistent pattern.

Dolphins Game Schedule

DateOpponentTime (EST)Channel
1 (Preseason)8/11Falcons7:00 PM
2 (Preseason)8/19Texans4:00 PMNFL Network
3 (Preseason)8/26Jaguars7:00 PM
19/10Chargers4:25 PMCBS
29/17Patriots8:20 PMNBC
39/24Broncos1:00 PMCBS
410/1Bills1:00 PMCBS
510/8Giants1:00 PMFOX
610/15Panthers1:00 PMCBS
710/22Eagles8:20 PMNBC
810/29Patriots1:00 PMCBS
911/5Chiefs9:30 AMNFL Network
1111/19Raiders1:00 PMCBS
1211/24Jets3:00 PMAmazon Prime
1312/3Commanders1:00 PMFOX
1412/11Titans8:15 PMESPN
1512/17Jets1:00 PMCBS
1612/24Cowboys4:25 PMFOX
1712/31Ravens1:00 PMCBS

2022 Dolphins Schedule

The Dolphins got to the wild card game in the 2022 NFL postseason.

They played 21 games of which they won 11 and lost 10 games.

Their top players were Tua Tagovailoa and Raheem Mostert.

We’ll see if they can do better in the 2023 season.

2022 miami dolphins game schedule

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It would be great if the Dolphins were able to make it to the Superbowl this year.

They haven’t won a championship since 1974. Hope springs eternal and with our articles you’ll be able to watch the games to see their epic run.

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