What Channel Is The MLB Network On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/1/24

directv mlb network channel number

The MLB Network is on Channel 213 for DirecTV customers.  If you’re trying to watch MLB Extra Innings, you can do so on channels 720 to 749.

These are the right channels no matter where you live.  DirecTV is a cable company so they can have standardized channel lineups vs cable tv providers like Spectrum or Xfinity.

Below, we’ll talk more about the channel schedule for MLB as well as which teams are on which channels for MLB Extra Innings on Directv.

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DirecTV MLB Network Channels

MLB Network

Little Rock213Detroit213
Yuma213St. Louis213
Los Angeles213Charlotte213
San Francisco213Omaha213
San Diego213Las Vegas213
Fresno213New York213
Colorado Springs213Oklahoma City213
Washington DC213Philadelphia213
Fort Worth213Memphis213
Miami213El Paso213
Honolulu213San Antonio213
Kansas City213Norfolk213
New Orleans213Boston213

MLB Extra Innings Directv List

MLB Extra Innings

Little Rock720-749Detroit720-749
Yuma720-749St. Louis720-749
Los Angeles720-749Charlotte720-749
San Francisco720-749Omaha720-749
San Diego720-749Las Vegas720-749
Fresno720-749New York720-749
Colorado Springs720-749Oklahoma City720-749
Washington DC720-749Philadelphia720-749
Fort Worth720-749Memphis720-749
Miami720-749El Paso720-749
Honolulu720-749San Antonio720-749
Kansas City720-749Norfolk720-749
New Orleans720-749Boston720-749

MLB Network Regular Season Schedule

Directv has placed the MLB Network on Channel 213 for everyone who uses their service.

While the MLB Network is the TV home for baseball fans, most people tune into the channel to watch the games of their favorite teams live.

MLB airs its live games on MLB Network Showcase, MLB Matinee, and other night games.

Their premier show is the MLB Network Showcase.  This program has the rights to 26 live games.

Rightsholders are rich and greedy so if it’s a Dodgers and Yankees game, the game will be blacked out in LA and NYC.  Instead, you’ll see another game from a different market or a documentary.

MLB Matinee is the name for afternoon games during the regular season.

One exciting aspect of the MLB Network is that it has the rights to 2 post-season games.

An annoying thing though is that the rights have changed a little and they plan on commenting the game in Spanish.

directv mlb network channel

MLB Non Sports Content

The MLB Channel on DIRECTV also airs other programming besides games during the season and during the off-season.

MLB Tonight is the most popular show on the channel.  It’s like Sports Center but focused on baseball.

They also have shows like Hot Stove, MLB Now, and Off Base.

One impressive thing about these shows is that they’re able to talk and talk even in the off-season when there’s no games on.

I guess they have these shows even during the off-season because baseball fanatics watch it, and it would be weird to have the channel empty or just full of ads during the off-season.

Another thing that you’re likely to find on the MLB channel when games aren’t on are documentaries about baseball and legendary baseball games.

MLB Extra Innings Overview

MLB Extra Innings is on Directv on channels 720 to 749.  It allows you to watch up to 80 MLB games a week.

Another nice thing is that there are dual broadcasts so you can get Yankees or Dodger commentary if you’re watching a Yankees and Dodgers game.

Teams don’t have specific channels so the games air in the order they start.  That means the first game of the day will air on Channel 720 and later games will be further up in the channel lineup.

You generally can’t watch your hometown team on MLB Extra Innings.  The game will be blacked out because they want you to watch it on their RSN/local sports channel.

When there isn’t a game on MLB Extra Innings, these channels will have mostly local programming which is mostly infomercials.

On DirecTV, MLB Extra Innings is $23.99 a month during the season which is $1 a month cheaper than buying an mlb.tv subscription direct from MLB.

It’s also easier to watch on your TV when you get extra innings from your service provider.

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