What Channel Is The MLB Network Channel

by Daniel Smith | Updated 12/21/23

directv mlb network channel number

It can be confusing to find the right channel number for the MLB Network because it’s on a different channel depending on where you live and what TV provider you have.

Things are even harder if you’re trying to find MLB Extra Innings.

For us, this was a problem in search of a solution, so we researched where the MLB Channel and MLB Extra Innings are by service provider and city in America and put our results below.

Hope this helps and go Dodgers.

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The MLB Channel on DirecTV

The MLB Network is on Channel 213 for Directv subscribers.

If you’re trying to watch MLB Extra Innings, the channels for that package are 720-749.

213 is the right channel for the MLB Channel and 720-749 are the right channels for MLB Extra Innings throughout the country.

DirecTV has standardized channels throughout the country, even for broadcast channels.

In terms of MLB Extra Innings, they air their games based on the order that they start.

There will generally be blackouts for your home team.  These games usually air on a Regional Sports Network (RSN) because the team wanted to make more money.

A nice thing is that there’s usually a feed from both teams’ commentators and you can choose which stream you want to watch.

MLB Network

Little Rock213Detroit213
Yuma213St. Louis213
Los Angeles213Charlotte213
San Francisco213Omaha213
San Diego213Las Vegas213
Fresno213New York213
Colorado Springs213Oklahoma City213
Washington DC213Philadelphia213
Fort Worth213Memphis213
Miami213El Paso213
Honolulu213San Antonio213
Kansas City213Norfolk213
New Orleans213Boston213

What Channel Is The MLB On Spectrum

Unfortunately for Spectrum customers, the MLB Network Channel is on different and even multiple channels depending on where you live.

A common channel it’s on is Channel 306 but that’s no good if you live in cities like Long Beach or Dallas.

Spectrum is the result of mergers of companies like Charter, Bright House, and Time Warner Cable.

Each of those companies had their own different channel lineups and they were the result of previous rollups.

Another common thing is that there’s sometimes multiple channels.

The reason for this is that one channel is supposed to be the HD channel and the other is the SD channel.

That won’t make a difference to most people but if your TV is really old, go to the higher-numbered channel for the best quality image.

Just look at our list below to find your channel.

MLB on Spectrum

Los Angeles306
San Diego76, 306
Long Beach418, 718
Bakersfield111, 1111
Reno81, 811
Corpus Christi306
San Antonio306
Austin95, 306
El Paso306
Dallas31, 750
Birmingham419, 1419
Montgomery76, 819
Lexington90, 536, 537
Louisville90, 536, 537
Indianapolis419, 1419
Milwaukee326, 1326
Kansas City92, 306
Columbus97, 536, 537, 1536
Cincinnati326, 1326
Cleveland326, 1326
New York306
spectrum mlb channel guide

Dish MLB Channel Guide

You can watch the MLB Channel on Dish on Channel 152.  MLB Extra Innings is on Channels 574 to 585.

The MLB Channel is going to be on Channel 152 wherever you live. It’s the same in Boston as it is in Seattle.

One of the unique things about Dish is that they have a second MLB Channel called the MLB Strikezone.  It’s on Channel 153, right next to the main MLB Channel.

The Strikezone is a channel that airs when baseball games are on.  Their commentators try to show all the plays and runs of the games running live when they air.

MLB just copied the NFL Redzone if you know what that is.  Still, it’s nice to have if you’re trying to watch a bunch of games if you have money riding on any of them.

How Can You Watch The MLB On Xfinity

There’s usually at least two channels where you can watch the MLB Channel on Xfinity.

If you’re in the same state, the channel numbers will generally be the same but the channel numbers will differ between states.

The MLB Channel is usually really far out on the channel guide for Comcast.  Most channels are in the high 200s or the early 400s range.

You can either watch the MLB Network in Detroit on Channel 1714.  I never realized that there were that many channels.

The easiest way to find the right channel is just to look at our list.  Find your city and start watching.


Seattle407, 629Miami279, 479
Spokane407, 629Fort Lauderdale279, 479
Tacoma407, 629Atlanta123, 823
Vancouver419, 731Memphis229, 789, 1714
Portland419, 731Nashville719, 1219
Salem419, 731Chicago233, 410
Eugene419, 731Indianapolis279, 1714
Salt Lake City279, 692, 1219Fort Wayne279, 1714
Provo279, 692Detroit258, 740, 1714
Denver420, 690Washington738, 859
Colorado Springs182, 773, 1219Baltimore738, 859
Boulder420, 690, 1219Philadelphia738, 859
Saint Paul272, 873Pittsburgh124, 859
Minneapolis733, 873San Jose412, 729
Albuquerque265, 271San Francisco412, 729
Tallahassee279, 479Fresno412, 729
Jacksonville279, 479Sacramento412, 729
Orlando279, 479Oakland412, 729
xfinity mlb network channels

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