What Channel Is The MLB Network On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/10/23

While most people can watch the MLB Network on Spectrum on Channel 306, it’s on different channels in big cities like Dallas and Louisville.

Baseball is my favorite sport. I used to go to Dodger games as a kid and I loved Mike Piazza. That’s why I made this guide on where to find MLB if you’re a Spectrum customer.

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MLB Network Spectrum Channels

MLB on Spectrum

Los Angeles306
San Diego76, 306
Long Beach418, 718
Bakersfield111, 1111
Reno81, 811
Corpus Christi306
San Antonio306
Austin95, 306
El Paso306
Dallas31, 750
Birmingham419, 1419
Montgomery76, 819
Lexington90, 536, 537
Louisville90, 536, 537
Indianapolis419, 1419
Milwaukee326, 1326
Kansas City92, 306
Columbus97, 536, 537, 1536
Cincinnati326, 1326
Cleveland326, 1326
New York306

Spectrum MLB Channels (NY/NC/CA/TX)

You can watch the MLB Network on Spectrum on Channel 306 in New York and North Carolina.

306 is also the right channel for most cities in California (LA/San Diego/Anaheim) and Texas (Corpus Christi/San Antonio/Austin/El Paso).

Where this is not the case is Dallas Texas, where instead of 306, you’ll need to surf to channel 31 or 750.

In Austin, you also have the option to watch on Channel 95 as well as 306.

For California, 418 and 718 are the right channels for MLB in Long Beach while 111 and 1111 are where you need to go to watch in Bakersfield.

Where Can You Watch MLB In Kentucky

Spectrum customers in Kentucky can watch the MLB network on channels 90, 536, and 537.

Channels 326 and 1325 are the right ones to watch MLB in Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

Columbus residents can’t go to channels 326 and 1326 – if they want to watch, they’ll need to go to channels 97, 536, 537, or 1536.

spectrum mlb channel guide

Other Places To Surf To

There are several other places where you can watch MLB if you have Spectrum.

These include cities like Reno, Birmingham, Montgomery, Indianapolis, and Kansas City.

MLB is just on some random channels in these cities so the easiest way to find out where it is if you live in these cities is just to look at our list below.

Reno: 81, 811
Birmingham: 419, 1419
Montgomery: 76, 819
Indianapolis: 419, 1419
Kansas City: 92, 306

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I hope you were able to get to MLB in time to see the Dodgers hit another grand slam.

They say baseball is dying and is boring but I guess I’m one of those weird ones that watch every Dodger game that I’m free for.

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