What Channel Is The MLB Network On Xfinity?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/2/24

xfinity mlb network channels

It’s tough to watch the MLB Network on Xfinity because the channel is in a different location depending on what city you’re in. The MLB Network Channel is also pretty far in the channel guide – usually in the 200+ range.

We wanted it easier to find the MLB channel and watch your hometown team get trashed by the Dodgers. Take a look at our guide below to find the right channel to surf to.

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MLB Network Comcast Channel List


Seattle407, 629Miami279, 479
Spokane407, 629Fort Lauderdale279, 479
Tacoma407, 629Atlanta123, 823
Vancouver419, 731Memphis229, 789, 1714
Portland419, 731Nashville719, 1219
Salem419, 731Chicago233, 410
Eugene419, 731Indianapolis279, 1714
Salt Lake City279, 692, 1219Fort Wayne279, 1714
Provo279, 692Detroit258, 740, 1714
Denver420, 690Washington738, 859
Colorado Springs182, 773, 1219Baltimore738, 859
Boulder420, 690, 1219Philadelphia738, 859
Saint Paul272, 873Pittsburgh124, 859
Minneapolis733, 873San Jose412, 729
Albuquerque265, 271San Francisco412, 729
Tallahassee279, 479Fresno412, 729
Jacksonville279, 479Sacramento412, 729
Orlando279, 479Oakland412, 729

FL/CA Xfinity MLB Channels

In Florida, you can watch the MLB Channel on Xfinity on channels 279 and 479.  This will work for all cities in the state.

There’s also two channel options for the MLB Channel in California.  They are Channel 412 and Channel 729.

That makes it easy although the channel is further out than it should be given the popularity of the sport.

Where it gets more complicated are in states like Colorado.

In Colorado, you can watch the MLB Network on Comcast on Channel 420 and 690 in Denver and Boulder and on Channel 1219 in Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Colorado Springs has different numbered channels for MLB – namely 182 and 773 in addition to 1219.

The more complicated channel structures in Colorado have generally been that way in our research.

The MLB Channel On Comcast in Washington & Oregon

Comcast subscribers can watch the MLB Network in Washington on channels 407 and 629.

People in Oregon can watch MLB on Channel 419 or Channel 731.

It’s only a little bit different in Utah.

For that state, the right channels are 279 and 692 with an additional option to watch on Channel 1219 in Salt Lake City.

873 is the right Channel to watch MLB in Minnesota.  You also can watch on Channel 272 in Saint Paul and on Channel 733 in Minneapolis.

Other Popular Cities To Watch

While they’re not in the same state, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore share the same channel lineup for MBL on Xfinity.

The channels you can watch MLB in these cities are 738 and 859.

859 is also the right Channel for Pittsburgh but instead of Channel 738, you can watch MLB on Channel 124.

In Indianapolis, the right channels for MLB are 279 and 1714.

comcast/mlb network channel list

List of Additional Xfinity Cities

The MLB Network Channel is also available on other major cities where Xfinity has a major presence.

Check out the list below to see if your city is listed.

Albuquerque: 265, 271
Atlanta: 123, 823
Memphis: 229, 789, 1714
Nashville: 719, 1219
Chicago: 233, 410
Detroit: 258, 740, 1714

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