What Channel Is The MLB Network On Dish?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 12/28/23

mlb channel on dish network

If you’re trying to watch the MLB Network Channel on Dish, you can do so on Channel 152.  However, the game you want might not be airing there.

That’s because there are 10 other channels where MLB airs its game in addition to Channel 152.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the differences between MLB channels and how you can watch games online.

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MLB On Dish

MLB Network

Little Rock152Detroit152
Yuma152St. Louis152
Los Angeles152Charlotte152
San Francisco152Omaha152
San Diego152Las Vegas152
Fresno152New York152
Colorado Springs152Oklahoma City152
Washington DC152Philadelphia152
Fort Worth152Memphis152
Miami152El Paso152
Honolulu152San Antonio152
Kansas City152Norfolk152
New Orleans152Boston152

Dish MLB Extra Innings Channels

MLB Extra Innings

Little Rock574-585Detroit574-585
Yuma574-585St. Louis574-585
Los Angeles574-585Charlotte574-585
San Francisco574-585Omaha574-585
San Diego574-585Las Vegas574-585
Fresno574-585New York574-585
Colorado Springs574-585Oklahoma City574-585
Washington DC574-585Philadelphia574-585
Fort Worth574-585Memphis574-585
Miami574-585El Paso574-585
Honolulu574-585San Antonio574-585
Kansas City574-585Norfolk574-585
New Orleans574-585Boston574-585

MLB Main Channel

You can watch the MLB Network Channel on Channel 152 on Dish Network.

The marquee shows of the MLB network are the MLB Network Showcase, MLB Matinee, and other night games.

26 live games are exclusive to the MLB Network Showcase.  One thing to note though is that if your game is in-market, it’ll be blocked out.

They’re trying to force people to watch on a broadcast channel on an RSN (Regional Sports Network) so they can get $10 a month from every customer.

It’s gotten so bad that some of these RSNs are going bankrupt and the rights are going back to MLB.  We hope that they can make business decisions that are more friendly to fans.

That would be the day though.

The MLB Network will have the rights to 2 post season games, but they’ll be broadcast in Spanish.

At this point, MLB doesn’t have the firepower of Google or Amazon to increase the amount they pay for rights every year.

There’s other programming when there’s no game on.  Their most popular show is MLB Tonight.  Other shows include Hot Stove, MLB Now, and Off Base.

For whatever reason, Major League Baseball is always behind.  They just copy what the NFL is doing and hope it works.

At least this year, the games are going faster and are more exciting.

dish mlb network extra innings channel

The MLB Strike Zone On Dish

The MLB Strike Zone Channel is on Channel 153 for Dish Network customers.

It’s right after the MLB Channel on Dish on Channel 152. 

The Strike Zone is an official baseball channel that has highlights and top plays of all the games going on. It’s also commercial-free when it’s airing.

MLB created the Strike Zone in 2012 after they saw the success of the NFL Redzone.

There’s new content on the channel on Tuesday and Friday nights during the regular season and about 3 hours of content every night.

Matt Yaloff is the host of the show, and it starts at 7 PM Eastern and 4 PM Pacific.

It’s a great channel if you’re interested or if you’ve been betting on many games and don’t want to channel surf to see if your parlay will pay off this time.

MLB Extra Innings Summary

Channels 574-585 on Dish are the channels for the MLB Extra Innings channels.

On Extra Innings, you can watch 80 out-of-market games during the regular season.  There are free previews the first week of the season and the week after the All-Star game.

There are no allocated channels for specific teams.

The way it works is that the games are put on the channels as they start depending on the time zone.

Sometimes there are two games back-to-back on a channel because one game starts early, and another starts late.

Games in your home market will be blacked out and if the game is available you have a choice of watching either the home team and the away team’s feed and commentary.

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With the help of this article, you were hopefully able to find what channel your team is planning and which MLB channel you need to go to watch different programs.

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