What Channel Is The NBA TV Channel On Xfinity?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/2/24

nba tv xfinity channel guide

Finding the NBA TV Channel on Xfinity can be difficult because it’s usually in the 400s and you only tune in when you can’t find the games that you want to watch on ESPN or one of the broadcast channels.

It’s even harder because there’s multiple NBA TV channels that are different depending on where you live.

As born and bred basketball lovers, we wanted to help fellow fans so we did the research for you and found out what channel NBA TV is in the city where you live. Take a look below and go Lakers!

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The NBA TV Channel On Comcast


Seattle416, 630Miami478, 734, 749
Spokane416, 630Fort Lauderdale478, 734, 749
Tacoma416, 630Atlanta293, 482, 882
Vancouver416, 439, 728Memphis221, 478, 1712
Portland416, 439, 728Nashville713, 1218
Salem416, 439, 728Chicago235, 439
Eugene416, 439, 728Indianapolis273, 749, 1712, 1770
Salt Lake City266, 439, 694, 1218Fort Wayne273, 749, 1712, 1770
Provo266, 439, 694Detroit254, 733, 749, 1712
Denver416, 439, 843Washington749, 863
Colorado Springs167, 779, 1218Baltimore749, 863
Boulder416, 439, 843, 1218Philadelphia749, 731, 863
Saint Paul257, 273, 749, 874Pittsburgh287, 1712, 1770
Minneapolis734, 749, 874San Jose416, 439, 727
Albuquerque273, 816San Francisco416, 439, 727
Tallahassee478, 734Fresno416, 439, 727
Jacksonville478, 734Sacramento416, 439, 727
Orlando478, 749Oakland416, 439, 727

CA/FL Xfinity Channels For NBA TV

The NBA TV Channel is on channels 416, 439, and 727 for Californian Xfinity customers.

That’s the right place to watch in cities like San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, and Fresno.

478 is the right channel for NBA TV on Comcast in Florida.

You can also watch on Channel 734 in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale and on Channel 749 in Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are blessed with the ability to watch NBA TV on 3 channels.  Go Heats!

Washington Comcast NBA TV Channel Tutorial

Washington residents can watch NBA TV on Xfinity on channels 416 and 630.

For those who live in Oregon, you can watch on 416, 439, or 728.

Comcast subscribers can watch NBA TV on channels 266, 439, and 694.  If you’re in Salt Lake City, you also have the option to watch on Channel 1218.

People in Indiana really seem to love the NBA TV Channel.  There’s 4 NBA TV channels there – 273, 749, 1712, and 1770.

We never realized that there were 1000+ channels on cable.

NBA TV Channels For CO/PA/MD

749 and 863 are the right channels to watch the NBA TV Channel on Comcast in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

You can also watch NBA TV on Channel 731 in Philadelphia.  These cities aren’t that close to each other but they generally tend to have the same channel lineups.

Coloradans have it a bit more complicated.  The NBA TV channel numbers are the same in Boulder and Denver – 416, 439, and 834.

For Colorado Springs, the right numbers are channels 167, 779, and 1218.

It’s the reverse with the other 3 cities above.

channels for nba tv on comcast

Where Else Can You Watch

There’s a number of big cities where Xfinity is the main cable provider where you won’t want to miss the right channel for NBA TV.

We put some of the biggest cities below so you can look and find the right channel for yourself.

Saint Paul: 257, 273, 749, 874
Minneapolis: 734, 749, 874
Albuquerque: 273, 816
Atlanta: 293, 482, 882
Memphis: 221, 278, 1712
Nashville: 713, 1218
Chicago: 235, 439
Detroit: 254, 733, 749, 1712
Pittsburgh: 287, 1712, 1770

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