What Channel Is NBC On Dish Network?

by Mark Chen | Updated 11/8/23

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In our research, we found that NBC is on a different channel on Dish depending on what city that you live in.

One interesting thing that we found is that Dish only has one channel where you can watch NBC and other channels.

Most cable providers and DirecTV have multiple channels where you can watch the same network. DirecTV is also better in having a higher-numbered channel that’s the same across the nation.

Dish isn’t like that so we put together a list of where you can watch DIsh in some of the biggest cities where you can get their service.

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NBC Dish Channel List

Dish NBC Channels

Bakersfield17New Orleans8
Los Angeles4Detroit4
Sacramento3Las VegasNot Available
San Diego39New York4
San Francisco11Philadelphia10
Colorado Springs5Memphis5
Washington DC4Austin36
Fort Worth5Brownsville23
Miami6El Paso9
Tampa8, 5152, 8692San Antonio4

If you have a different service provider, check out our full NBC channel number guide.

NBC ON Dish In California

NBC is on Channel 3 in Sacramento and on Channel 4 in Los Angeles on Dish.

Usually, NBC is going to be on a lowered-numbered channel as one of the first broadcast channels, but we found a couple of examples where that’s not the case.

For instance, you need to go to channel 39 to watch NBC in San Diego and Channel 24 to watch in Fresno.

Other big cities in CA where we researched include San Francisco and Bakersfield.

11 is the right channel for SF and 17 is the place to go for Bakersfield.

California has two unique super affiliate stations – NBC Bay Area and KNBC.  Those are for San Francisco and LA respectively.

Florida Dish NBC Channels

You can watch NBC on Dish in Florida on channels 2-12.

Some of the right channels to watch include Channel 2 in Orlando and Channel 12 in Jacksonville.

It’s probably just easier to take a look at our list below.

Jacksonville: 12
Fort Worth: 5
Miami: 6
Tampa: 8, 5152, 8692
Orlando: 2

Tampa is a unique market.  It’s the only place that we found that has multiple channels where you can watch NBC and other channels.

The right channels to watch NBC in Tampa are channels 8, 5152, and 8692.

We had no idea that there were so many channels.

Also, if you’re looking for unique content, you’re in luck in Miami.  Miami has a superstation called WTVJ.

dish nbc channels

Where To Watch In Texas

There’s only one channel where you can watch NBC on Dish in Texas and it’s different in all of the cities that we looked at.

It’s most difficult to find the right channel in Austin and Brownsville.  Residents of Brownsville can watch on Channel 23 while those in Austin will need to go for Channel 36.

For the rest of the channels in Texas, you’ll be able to easily find them as they’re on Channels 2-9.

NBC is on Channel 2 in Houston, 4 in San Antonio, 5 in Dallas, and 9 in El Paso.

We wish they had more channels in common in Texas but at least most of those channels are close to each other.

Other Channels You Can Watch

The right channel to watch NBC on Dish in Tennessee is Channel 5.

Channel 5 is also the right channel to watch in Chicago and Colorado Springs. In Chicago, NBC is a superstation called WMAQ that has a better variety of local programming compared to other stations.

The other popular channel numbers where you can watch Dish are 4, 10, and 11.

4 is the right channel number to watch NBC in Detroit, New York, and Washington DC.  For those in Boston or Philadelphia, your place to watch NBC is Channel 10.

Atlanta and Yuma residents can watch on Channel 11.

A final thing that we found quite interesting is that there’s no NBC channel for Las Vegas.  I guess they’re too busy gambling and going to nightclubs.

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