What Channel Is NBC On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/2/24

NBC is going to be on a different channel on your Xfinity subscription depending on your zip code. While it’s usually going to be one of the first channels on your channel guide, there’s often an HD channel further up that is better to be on.

It can be confusing to find out where all the channels NBC is where you live so we researched for you.

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NBC Xfinity Channel Guide

Seattle5, 105Miami6, 432
Spokane6, 106Fort Lauderdale6, 432
Tacoma5, 105Atlanta6, 806
Vancouver8, 708Memphis5, 805, 1005
Portland8, 708Nashville4, 1004
Salem8, 708Chicago5, 188
Eugene3, 703Indianapolis12, 1013
Salt Lake City5, 653, 1005Fort Wayne19
Provo5, 653Detroit14, 232, 1004
Denver9, 653Washington24, 804
Colorado Springs2, 5, 705, 1005Baltimore21, 211, 811
Boulder9, 653, 1009Philadelphia10, 810
Saint Paul11, 811Pittsburgh6, 190, 806
Minneapolis11, 811San Jose3, 24, 703
Albuquerque4, 211San Francisco3, 703
Tallahassee12, 432Fresno704
Jacksonville11, 432Sacramento3, 703
Orlando3, 432Oakland3, 703

Florida Comcast NBC Channels

NBC is on Channel 432 for Xfinity subscribers in Florida.  There are lowered numbered channels too.

Channel 6 is the right lowered number channel for Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  6 is a superstation called WTVJ that has much deeper local content compared to other NBC affiliates.

The other lowered numbered channels in Florida are 3 in Orlando, 11 in Jacksonville, and 12 in Tallahassee.

Want to watch NBC in Minnesota?  Just surf to channels 11 or 811.

811 is also the right channel to watch NBC in Baltimore.  Besides 811, you can also watch NBC on 21 and 211.

NBC Channel on Xfinity (CA/UT)

You can watch NBC on Comcast on Channel 3 and 703 in California.  Please note that the only time this is not the case is in Fresno, where you’ll need to go to Channel 704 to watch NBC.

Another channel NBC is on is 24 in San Jose.

One thing that’s interesting about NBC in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland is that NBC is a special affiliate called NBC Bay Area that has more localized content than most NBC channels throughout the country.

What do you know!

If you’re ever in Utah, you can watch NBC on channels 5 and 643.  You also have a bonus option of watching NBC on Channel 1005 in Salt Lake City.

comcast nbc channel guide

What Channel Is NBC On Comcast In Washington

NBC is on a bunch of overlapping but different channels for Xfinity customers in Washington.

It’s on Channel 5 and 105 in Seattle and Tacoma but 6 and 106 in Spokane.  Vancouver WA has more in common with Oregon – you’ll need to go to channels 8 or 708 to watch NBC there.

8 and 708 are the right channels to watch in Portland and Salem but you’ll need to go to channels 3 or 703 to watch in Eugene.

It’s a similar situation in Colorado.

You can watch NBC on Channel 1009 in Colorado Springs and Boulder and on 9 in Denver and Boulder.

However, it’s easier just to see the list of channels for Colorado than just writing it out.

Denver: 9, 653
Colorado Springs: 2, 5, 705, 1005, 1009
Boulder: 9, 653, 1009

Other Places To Watch

There’s not much logic or reason as to what channels NBC is on Comcast for the rest of the places we researched.

For instance in Pennsylvania, NBC is on 10 and 810 in Philadelphia and 6, 190, and 806 in Pittsburgh.

Watching NBC in Indiana involves going to Channel 19 in Fort Wayne and channels 12 or 1013 in Indianapolis.

In Nashville, you need to go to channel 4 or 1004 while the right channels for Memphis are 5, 805, and 1005.

There’s also the miscellaneous channels below.

Albuquerque: 4, 211
Atlanta: 6, 806
Chicago: 5, 188
Detroit: 14, 232, 1004
Washington DC: 24, 804

Before we leave, one thing to note is that Chicago has a superstation like the Bay Area and Miami.  It’s called WMAQ.

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