What Channel Is Newsmax On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 11/8/23

how to watch newsmax on directv

You can watch Newsmax on DirecTV on Channel 71 or Channel 349.  It’s nice that Directv has made it easier to find Newsmax than Fox News which is on Channel 360.

Newsmax is a newer channel and it’s already doing that well.

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Newsmax DIRECTV Channels


Birmingham71, 349Baltimore71, 349
Little Rock71, 349Detroit71, 349
Phoenix71, 349Minneapolis71, 349
Yuma71, 349St. Louis71, 349
Los Angeles71, 349Charlotte71, 349
San Francisco71, 349Omaha71, 349
Bakersfield71, 349Albuquerque71, 349
San Diego71, 349Las Vegas71, 349
Fresno71, 349New York71, 349
Sacramento71, 349Columbus71, 349
Colorado Springs71, 349Oklahoma City71, 349
Denver71, 349Portland71, 349
Washington DC71, 349Philadelphia71, 349
Jacksonville71, 349Nashville71, 349
Fort Worth71, 349Memphis71, 349
Miami71, 349El Paso71, 349
Orlando71, 349Houston71, 349
Tampa71, 349Brownsville71, 349
Atlanta71, 349Dallas71, 349
Honolulu71, 349San Antonio71, 349
Chicago71, 349Austin71, 349
Kansas City71, 349Norfolk71, 349
Louisville71, 349Seattle71, 349
New Orleans71, 349Boston71, 349

Directv Newsmax Channel Schedule

It’s lucky that you can watch Newsmax on Directv on channels like 71 and 349.

Newsmax has provided a real breath of fresh air that’s made some of the legacy media companies very afraid.

While a lot of our friends watch Newsmax for their favorite personalities, Newsmax also provides great alternatives to shows like Good Morning America and the nightly news.

If you want a better morning show, Newsmax has made one for us with Wake Up America.

Wake Up America airs at 6:30 am on weekdays and at 7 am on weekends.

It’s followed by National Report and American Agenda at 9 am and 2 pm on weekdays and the Saturday Report and Saturday Agenda at 9 am and 1 pm on weekends.

Sometimes Emma Rechenberg and Bob Sellers need a break.

directv newsmax channel

The Evening Schedule For Newsmax

Newsmax is a great alternative to Fox News and you can watch it on Channel 71 or 349 if you have Directv.

Newsmax has great talent like Rob Schmitt and Greta Van Susteren and we hope that some of our favorite hosts like Tucker can make the switch and join sometime soon.

If you’re trying to watch The Record with Great Van Susteren, you can do so at Newsmax for an hour at 6 pm.

Rob Schmitt Tonight airs twice at 7 pm and 11 pm during the weekdays.

In between those airings, you can watch Eric Bolling, Chris Plante, and Greg Kelly.

During the weekend, the schedule is different, and you can watch news hosted by personalities like Wendy Bell, Mark Kaye, and Mike Huckabee.

It’s exciting how strong the lineup is in Newsmax, and we hope it gets even better.

How To Watch Online

One sad thing is that Newsmax is not available or sometimes gets dropped by big TV providers like Xfinity and Dish.

They say it’s because Newsmax isn’t popular enough, but we know that there’s some part due to the content that more woke people uncomfortable.

If there’s a blackout from Directv or another TV provider, you can watch Newsmax on their app or by going to their website.

They had to put this up in case their feed gets taken down by people who don’t like what they’re saying.

Newsmax can make money from ad revenue but it’s a lot easier when they get carried by the big cable and satellite providers.

That makes the other subscribers who have DirecTV, no matter their political leanings, fund independent media like Newsmax.

Make sure to let your service provider know how much you care about having Newsmax on your service to make sure it stays on and continues to pump out great content.

Lower Your TV Bill With Sling!

Newsmax is an important media property to keep alive.

If you want to support the channel, watch Newsmax shows so more advertisers book spots there.

Make sure to complain to customer support and send letters if your service provider ever removes the channel from their lineup.

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