What Channel Is The NFL Network On Cox?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

It can be difficult to find the right channel for the NFL Network or Redzone on your Cox TV. Some cities have 4 different NFL Network channels and Redzone and the NFL Network aren’t always next to each other on your TV guide.

Football is important and you don’t want to miss a minute of it. As a fellow fan, I wanted to help people find the NFL Network and NFL Redzone more easily, so I did some sleuthing and figured out what channels NFL and Redzone are on the different cities Cox offers their service.

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Cox NFL Network Channel Guide

NFL Network Channels

Las Vegas317Virginia Beach161, 224, 1161, 1224
Phoenix301Alexandria161, 249, 1161, 1249
Mesa301Cleveland160, 211, 1160, 1211
Glendale301, 1301Santa Barbara187, 275, 1187, 1275
Tuscon301, 1301Irvine187, 339, 1187, 1339
Scottsdale301, 1301San Diego332, 387, 1332, 1387
Providence137, 481, 1137, 1481Escondido332, 387, 1332, 1387
Gainesville250, 708Omaha223, 1223
New Orleans319, 708, 1319, 1708Topeka261, 2261
Baton Rouge241, 708, 1241, 1708Wichita261, 2261
Lafayette241, 708, 1241, 1708Oklahoma City252, 285, 723, 1324
Macon323, 708, 1323, 1708Tusla324

Redzone On Cox Channels

Cox Red Zone Channels

Las Vegas311Virginia Beach160, 215, 600, 1160, 1215
Phoenix299, 699Alexandria160, 264, 600, 1160, 1264
Mesa299, 699Cleveland162, 600, 1162, 1600
Glendale299, 699, 1299, 1699Santa Barbara186, 685, 1168, 1685
Tuscon299, 699, 1299, 1699Irvine186, 685, 1168, 1685
Scottsdale299, 699, 1299San Diego386, 1386
Providence483, 1145, 1483Escondido334, 386, 1334, 1386
Gainesville270, 707Omaha1218
New Orleans273, 283, 707, 1273, 1707Topeka267, 2267
Baton Rouge273, 707, 1273, 1707Wichita267, 2267
Lafayette273, 707, 1707Oklahoma City268, 697, 1325
Macon273, 707, 1707Tusla325

Arizona NFL Channels On Cox

The NFL Network is on Channel 301 in Arizona for Cox customers.  Redzone is available on channels 299 and 699 in the state.

In addition to Channel 301, you can also watch the NFL Network on Channel 1301 in Glendale, Tucson, and Scottsdale.

NFL Redzone is similarly available on additional channels in those cities – those being channels 1299 and 1699.

If you’re trying to watch NFL or NFL Redzone in Las Vegas, the right channel to press is 317 for the NFL Network and Channel 311 for NFL Redzone.

Channels For Louisiana & Georgia

Channels 708 and 1708 are the right channels for Cox subscribers in Louisiana and Georgia; Channels 707 and 1707 are the right channel for Redzone.

In LA and GA, the NFL Network is available on four separate channels! There are lowered numbered channels for NFL and NFL Redzone.

In Baton Rouge and Lafayette, you can additionally watch the NFL Network on channels 241 and 1241 and NFL Redzone on 273 and 1273.

For residents of New Orleans, NFL Network is also on channels 319 and 1319 while the additional redzone channels are 283 and 1273.

That’s a lot of channels.

nfl network on cox channel guide

The Channel For NFL Redzone On Cox

The right channels for the NFL Network on Cox in Kansas are channels 261 and 2261.  To watch Redzone, go to channel 267 or 2267.

In Tulsa, the NFL Network is on Channel 324 and NFL Redzone is on Channel 325.

Oklahoma residents can watch the NFL Network on 252, 285, 723, and 1324.  268, 697, and 1325 are the right channels for NFL Red Zone.

Living in Omaha?  Then, you’ll need to go to channel 223 or 1223 for the NFL Network or Channel 1218 for Redzone.

Alternative Places To Go

You can watch the NFL Network on Cox in Virginia on channels 161 and 1161.  Redzone is available on 160, 600, and 1160.

Additional channels for VA for the NFL Network include 224 and 1224 for Virginia Beach and 249 and 1249 for the Alexandria area.

For Cox customers in California, the channels for the NFL Network and Redzone are really spread between San Diego and Santa Barbara/Irvine.

In San Diego and adjoining cities like Escondido, the NFL Network is on 332, 387, 1332, and 1387.

Santa Barbara and Irvine residents can watch on channels 187 and 1187.  Redzone is close on 186 and 1186 and is also available on channels 685 and 1685.

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