What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 11/8/23

directv nfl network channel

DirecTV has placed the NFL Network on Channel 212 for its customers.  Besides the NFL network, other NFL channels on Directv include NFL Red Zone and NFL Sunday Ticket.

In this article, we’ll walk you through where you can find all the NFL channels and what times and games of the season are on the NFL Network.

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Directv/NFL Network

NFL Network List

Little Rock212Detroit212
Yuma212St. Louis212
Los Angeles212Charlotte212
San Francisco212Omaha212
San Diego212Las Vegas212
Fresno212New York212
Colorado Springs212Oklahoma City212
Washington DC212Philadelphia212
Fort Worth212Memphis212
Miami212El Paso212
Honolulu212San Antonio212
Kansas City212Norfolk212
New Orleans212Boston212

NFL Red Zone On DirecTV

NFL Redzone Guide

Birmingham700, 703Baltimore700, 703
Little Rock700, 703Detroit700, 703
Phoenix700, 703Minneapolis700, 703
Yuma700, 703St. Louis700, 703
Los Angeles700, 703Charlotte700, 703
San Francisco700, 703Omaha700, 703
Bakersfield700, 703Albuquerque700, 703
San Diego700, 703Las Vegas700, 703
Fresno700, 703New York700, 703
Sacramento700, 703Columbus700, 703
Colorado Springs700, 703Oklahoma City700, 703
Denver700, 703Portland700, 703
Washington DC700, 703Philadelphia700, 703
Jacksonville700, 703Nashville700, 703
Fort Worth700, 703Memphis700, 703
Miami700, 703El Paso700, 703
Orlando700, 703Houston700, 703
Tampa700, 703Brownsville700, 703
Atlanta700, 703Dallas700, 703
Honolulu700, 703San Antonio700, 703
Chicago700, 703Austin700, 703
Kansas City700, 703Norfolk700, 703
Louisville700, 703Seattle700, 703
New Orleans700, 703Boston700, 703

NFL Network DirecTV Channel Schedule

Channel 212 is the right channel to watch the NFL Network on DirecTV.

The NFL Network is really the beating heart on television for football fans and has some exclusive games that you don’t want to miss.

Currently, they have 5 exclusive games in Weeks 5, 6, 9, 10, and 16.  These are the games for the international league that are played in England and Germany.

The Patriots and Broncos will also battle it out on Week 16 on Christmas Eve.

Those are the exclusive games.  For the rest of the season, there’s generally going to be a simulcast for games, but you won’t have as many options as if you signed up for Sunday Ticket.

The preseason is where the NFL Network really shines.  They have the rights for all 65 of the preseason games that air in August.

They are usually tape-delayed, but some games are live.

Besides NFL games, the NFL Network carries some college football games although you can generally find those games on ESPN as well.

nfl redzone and directv

NFL Redzone & NFL Sunday Ticket

There’s almost another 19 channels where you can watch the NFL on DirecTV.

They’re not the main NFL Channel but subchannels like NFL Red Zone and NFL Sunday Ticket.

The right channel for NFL Red Zone is channels 700 and 703.  Sunday ticket games are on channels 701 to 719.

After a long run, the rights for Sunday Ticket are no longer with DirecTV.

Now if you want to watch those games, you need to sign up for YouTube TV or sign up for a subscription from the NFL.

NFL Redzone has a unique take on gamedays.  It’s a game-day show broadcast on Sunday during the NFL regular season from 1 a.m. to 5 pm Pacific.

They provide coverage for all the games going on Sunday.

It’s a good way to see how everything is going if you’re into betting on games or if you’re by yourself and want commentary from some knowledgeable friends.

Other Ways To Watch

Besides going to Channel 212, you can watch the NFL Channel as a Directv subscriber online and via apps.

The two main sites to watch online are Directv Stream and the NFL website.  For both sites, you’ll need to log into your Directv account to start watching.

We recommend using Directv Stream because it’s easier to watch other shows than the NFL app.

There are also applications in the app store that you can download to authenticate and watch NFL TV.

When games aren’t on and the season is done, the NFL Network still has some essential content for the football superfan.

They have shows like Good Morning Football, documentaries, and Fantasy Football programs.

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