What Channel Is Paramount On Cox?

The Paramount Channel is on a different channel on Cox depending on where you live.

For example, the right channel in Phoenix is 25 but it’s 45 in San Diego.

Not knowing the right channel for Paramount could mean that you’ll miss important scenes in your favorite shows like Yellowstone or the Mayor of Kingstown.

We didn’t want that to happen so we did the research for you and found out what channels you can watch the Paramount Channel on Cox.

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Cox Paramount Channel List

Paramount on Cox

Las Vegas29, 1029Virginia Beach56, 1056
Phoenix25, 1025Alexandria61, 1061
Mesa25, 1025Cleveland30, 1030
Glendale25, 1025Santa Barbara45, 1045
Tuscon48, 1048Irvine52, 1052
Scottsdale25, 1025San Diego45, 1056
Providence26, 1026Escondido26, 1026
Gainesville32Omaha29, 1029
New Orleans42, 1042Topeka44, 2044
Baton Rouge41, 1041Wichita44, 2044
Lafayette41, 1041Oklahoma City45, 754
Macon56, 1056Tusla38

Southwest Paramount Cox Channels

Most Cox customers in Arizona can watch the Paramount Channel on Channel 25 or Channel 1025.

This will work for the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Scottsdale.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in Tucson where you’ll need to watch Paramount on Channel 48 or 1048 instead.

For the neighboring state of Nevada, go to channels 29 or 1029 to watch the Paramount Channel, especially in Las Vegas and Henderson.

One thing that we’ve noticed on Cox and especially for the Paramount Channel is that there are two channels and the second channel is on channels 1000+ with the same number but a 10.

If you think the picture quality is low when you watch the Paramount Channel go out the further out channel.

Those channels were created to be HD channels and have fewer people watching them during busy times in your area making the connection more stable.

Where To Watch In The South

In Louisiana, you can watch Paramount on Cox on channels 41 and 42 depending on which city you live in.

New Orleans residents can go to Channel 42 or 1042 for Paramount while those in Lafayette or Baton Rouge will need to go to Channel 41 or 1041 instead.

People who live in Georgia, but mainly Macon which is the main city Cox has operations in GA can watch on Channel 56 and 1056.

There are two centers of Cox coverage in Virginia – the Alexandria and Virginia Beach area.

You can watch Paramount on Channel 61 and 1061 in Alexandria.  Those who live around Virginia Beach will need to go to channel 56 or 1056 instead.

The big cities in Virginia Beach area where that’s the case are Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, and Newport News.

cox paramount channel list

Other Channels You Can Watch

The Paramount Channel is on several different channels on Cox depending on where you live.

If you live in Santa Barbara or San Diego, the right channel for Paramount is Channel 45 and 1045.

People in Irvine can watch on Channel 45 and 1045 while those in Escondido can watch on 26 and 1026.

Gainesville and Tulsa are a bit unique in that there isn’t an HD channel for Paramount.

38 is the right channel number for Tulsa and 22 is the right channel for Gainesville.

The Paramount Channel On Cox (KN/OK/NE)

Cox is also one of the big cable providers in the Heartland.

It’s easy to watch Paramount on Cox in Kansas.  44 and 2044 are where you’ll need to go.

In Oklahoma City, you just need to go one channel up so Channel 45.

Omaha customers can watch Paramount on Channel 29 and 1029.

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