What Channel Is The Paramount Channel

by Daniel Smith | Updated 12/21/23

paramount channel on spectrum

The Paramount channel is on a different channel number depending on your service provider and where you live.

That makes it difficult to watch Yellowstone and figure out what’s happening to the Duttons in 1883 or 1923.

We wanted to make things easier so we researched which channels the Paramount channel is on by service provider and location.

Read on to find out.

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Directv Paramount Channel

Channel 241 is the right channel to watch the Paramount Channel on DirecTV.

Directv is the best service provider for making it easy for you to find the right channel number.  Each channel has a standard channel number throughout the country, even broadcast channels.

The only issue is that you need to memorize the right channel number which can be annoying.

We’re happy to serve as a collective memory and let you know what the right channel is.

Check out the Directv Paramount channels below by city.  They’re all on Channel 241.

Paramount On DirecTV

San Diego241New Orleans241
Los Angeles241Baltimore241
San Francisco241Detroit241
Washington DC241St. Louis241
Atlanta241Las Vegas241
Honolulu241New York241
Kansas City241Oklahoma City241
El Paso241Memphis241
Houston241San Antonio241

The Paramount Channel on Dish Network

It’s shocking but Dish has the same channel number for the Paramount Channel as Directv.

241 is the right channel for Dish Network customers to watch Paramount.

Paramount is a newer channel – rebranding from Spike TV.  They were able to get some standardization unlike older channels because they relaunched relatively recently.

Satellite providers make finding channels a lot easier than cable providers.

For most cable providers, channels are on different and multiple channels depending on where you live.  For satellite TV, since they beam one signal – they’re able to standardize the channel sets.

Because Dish and DirecTV are the same, there’s really no need to put down the full city channel list for Dish.

It’s going to be the same as Directv.

what channel is paramount on dish

What Channel is the Paramount Channel on Spectrum

The Paramount Channel on Spectrum is generally on two channels on your TV but in different places depending on where you live.

For example, the right channels in Los Angeles are channels 45 and 116 and 13 and 27 in Columbus.

While there’s some common channel grouping by state, there’s no set list that we can give you the rules for.

It really just looks like they were playing Tetris with the channels where they have a footprint.

We’ve researched the major cities where Spectrum has operations in and have provided you with a list of where you can find the right channel numbers for Paramount below.

The Paramount Channel on Spectrum

Los Angeles45, 116
San Diego38, 116
Anaheim66, 116
Long Beach53, 753
Bakersfield38, 211
Reno71, 798
Corpus Christi34, 116
San Antonio59, 116
Austin69, 116
El Paso36, 116
Dallas74, 715
Birmingham64, 143
Montgomery54, 847
Lexington44, 141
Louisville41, 141
Charlotte44, 116
Durham40, 116
Raleigh40, 116
Indianapolis24, 143
Milwaukee51, 206
Kansas City38, 116
Columbus13, 27
Cincinnati47, 206
Cleveland43, 206
New York36, 116
Albany55, 116
Buffalo40, 116

Where Can I Watch Paramount On Xfinity

Xfinity is even more complicated for finding the right channel number for Paramount than Spectrum.

That’s because there’s sometimes 3+ channels and the channels are further out generally on channel 50+.

The reason why there’s multiple channels is that one is the HD channel and the other is the SD channel.

There’s only this distinction when your TV is very old and hasn’t been graded.

The lowered numbered channel should have the same picture quality but if you’re having trouble with that channel, go to the further out one.

Xfinity Paramount Channel List

Seattle57, 640Cape Coral63, 452
Spokane57, 640Atlanta78, 878
Tacoma57, 640Augusta41, 235, 1412
Vancouver57, 757Charleston44, 452
Portland57, 757Memphis57, 829, 1209
Salem57, 757Nashville61, 1412
Eugene57, 757Knoxville69, 1209
Salt Lake City51, 696, 1412Chattanooga44, 452
Provo51, 696Indianapolis48, 1209
Denver59, 759Fort Wayne47, 1209
Colorado64, 794, 1412Detroit57, 226, 1209
Boulder59, 759, 1412Grand Rapids59, 226, 1209
Saint Paul43, 866Richmond39, 827
Minneapolis34, 400, 866Alexandria34, 827, 1412
Albuquerque47, 226Washington DC67, 827
Santa Fe47, 847Baltimore34, 827
Las Cruces34, 834Philadelphia36, 827
Little Rock63, 1412Pittsburgh45, 827
Shreveport38, 452, 1209San Jose45, 743
Tallahassee60, 452San Francisco45, 743
Jacksonville40, 452Fresno39, 743
Orlando46, 452Sacramento58, 743
Miami44, 452Oakland45, 743
Fort Lauderdale63, 452Stockton66, 743
West Palm Beach31, 452Fremont45, 743
yellowstone on comcast channel guide

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