What Channel Is PBS On Dish Network?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

PBS is on a different channel on Dish Network depending on where you live. There are some places where there are multiple channels where you can watch your favorite shows like Sanditon and Antique Roadshow.

We love PBS because we watched Masterpiece Theatre and Frontline since we were a kid.

Since Dish wasn’t providing a great guide, we made one ourselves.

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Dish PBS Channel Guide

PBS On Dish

Phoenix8Atlanta8, 30
Yuma60Chicago11, 56
Bakersfield60New Orleans12
Fresno18Boston2, 11, 44
Los Angeles24, 58Detroit56
Sacramento6Las Vegas10
San Diego15New York13, 21, 58
San Francisco9, 54Philadelphia12, 23, 39
Colorado Springs8Nashville8, 22
Denver12Memphis10, 18
Washington DC32, 53, 56Austin18
Fort Worth13BrownsvilleNA
Jacksonville7, 8Dallas13
Miami2, 17El Paso13, 22
Tampa3, 8696San Antonio4

PBS On Dish Network In Texas and Florida

PBS is on Channel 13 in Dallas and El Paso for Dish customers.  You also have the option to watch on Channel 22 in El Paso.

The right channel for PBS in Houston is Channel 8 and the right channel is Channel 9 for San Antonio.

PBS is not available in Brownsville and if you live in Austin, you can watch PBS on Channel 18.

Many cities in Florida have multiple options on where they can watch PBS on Dish.

For instance, in Jacksonville, you can watch on channels 7 and 8 while in Miami, there’s a choice to watch either on Channel 2 or 17.

Where there’s only one Channel for PBS in Florida are the cities of Orlando and Fort Worth.

Orlando residents need to go to Channel 24 to watch PBS while those in Fort Worth need to go to Channel 13.

California Dish PBS Channels

San Diego has a special PBS channel on Dish called KPBS.  The channel number for KPBS is Channel 15.

You have multiple options of where to watch PBS in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

They are 24 and 58 in LA and 9 and 54 in San Francisco.

The highest number PBS channel in California is Bakersfield at Channel 60 and the lowest-numbered channel is Sacramento on Channel 6.

answer to what channel pbs is on dish network

Special PBS Affiliates

There’s a couple of places where Dish has special PBS channels not available in other cities.

The major examples are WHYY on Channel 12 in Philadelphia and WNJB on Channel 58 in New York City.

WNJB is the New Jersey branch of PBS.

PBS also has a sub-channel called PBS Kids.  The only place where we found you could watch that on Dish was in Washington DC on Channel 53 and 56.

Other Alternatives

The most popular channel for PBS to be on Dish is channels 8 and 13.

PBS is on Channel 8 for cities like Atlanta, Nashville, and Phoenix while Channel 13 is the right place for New York, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

Some places where it’s hard to watch PBS is when it’s only on a higher-numbered channel.

Noticeable examples include Detroit and Yuma where you’ll have to go all the way to Channel 56 in Detroit and 60 in Yuma to watch.

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