What Channel Is TBS On Cox?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/3/24

On Cox, TBS is on Channel 17 in New Orleans and Channel 49 in Phoenix.

If you don’t have the right channel number memorized, you might miss unforgettable moments on AEW or Miracle Workers.

That would be very sad so we did the research to make it easier to find the right channel to watch Cox.

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Cox TBS Channel List

TBS On Cox

Las Vegas7, 1007Virginia Beach42, 1042
Phoenix49, 1049Alexandria17, 1017
Mesa49, 1049Cleveland16, 1016
Glendale49, 1049Santa Barbara14, 1014
Tuscon30, 1030Irvine27, 1027
Scottsdale49, 1049San Diego33, 1033
Providence45, 1045Escondido25, 1025
Gainesville67Omaha27, 1027
New Orleans17, 1017Topeka29, 2029
Baton Rouge31, 1031Wichita29, 2029
Lafayette31, 1031Oklahoma City62, 731
Macon10, 1010Tusla47

Heartland TBS Channels For Cox Customers

The right channels to watch TBS on Cox in Kansas are 29 and 2029.

Oklahoma City residents can watch on channels 62 and 731 while those in Tulsa can go to Channel 47 to watch TBS.

If you live in Omaha, the right channels are 27 and 1027.

Ohio, click the buttons and go to 16 or 1016.

Where Can You Watch In Arizona

Channel 49 and Channel 1049 are the channels where Cox customers can watch TBS in most cities in Arizona.

The only place where this won’t work is Tucson where you’ll need to go to channels 30 or 1030 instead.  Otherwise, for people in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Scottsdale, go to 49 or 1049.

Las Vegas really loves TBS.  To watch there, you can go to channel 7 or 1007.

If you haven’t noticed already, most cities that have Cox have two TBS channels.

The higher-numbered one is the HD channel and you can usually get there by adding a thousand to the lowered-numbered channel.

When you think the picture quality when you’re watching TBS is bad, go to the higher-numbered channel and it should improve.

Keep this tip a secret.

cox tbs channel guide

The TBS Channel On Cox (CA)

There’s really no logic as to which channel TBS is on Cox in California.

They have nothing in common so the best way to figure out where it is is just to look at the list below.

Santa Barbara: 14, 1014
Irvine: 27, 1027
San Diego: 33, 1033
Escondido: 25, 1025

Cox is also available in Providence.  It’s one of the few places where it’s available in the Northeast.

TNT is on channels 45 and 1045 in Providence Rhode Island.

Channels In The South

Finally, you can watch TBS in the South in Cox in states like Louisiana, Georgia, and Virginia.

In Baton Rouge and Lafayette, the right place to go to watch TBS is channels 31 and 1031.

The people of New Orleans can start watching on 17 and 1017.

For those in Virginia Beach, channels 42 and 1042 are the right channels to go while in Alexandria 17 and 1017 are the right choices.

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