What Channel Is The USA Network On DirecTV?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 10/5/23

directv usa channel

It can be difficult to find the right channel to watch the USA Network on DirecTV.

That’s because it’s all the way out there on Channel 242.

Although it’s one of the most popular channels on cable TV, you really have to memorize the right channel number if you want to watch WWE or Chucky.

We wanted to make it easier for Americans to watch the USA Network so we researched the channel number, schedule, and all the ways you can watch the channel.

Read on.

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Directv USA Channels

USA on DirecTV

Little Rock242Detroit242
Yuma242St. Louis242
Los Angeles242Charlotte242
San Francisco242Omaha242
San Diego242Las Vegas242
Fresno242New York242
Colorado Springs242Oklahoma City242
Washington DC242Philadelphia242
Fort Worth242Memphis242
Miami242El Paso242
Honolulu242San Antonio242
Kansas City242Norfolk242
New Orleans242Boston242

What Shows Are On The USA Network

For people who have Directv, the USA Network is going to be on Channel 242.

That’s the right channel throughout the country.

Most of the time, the USA Network plays syndicated TV shows like Law and Order SVU and Chicago Fire but they also have some original content and sporting events.

In terms of original content, the most prominent currently airing shows on the USA Network are Chucky and Christley Knows Best.

The kind of sporting events you can watch on the USA Network today include the Premier League soccer events in the morning and some WWE events during the weekdays.

directv usa network channel list

USA Network Channel DirecTV Schedule

The schedule for the USA Network on Directv and other satellite TV and cable networks is as follows.

During the daytime, the USA Network throws marathons of various syndicated shows they have the rights for the whole day.

The current shows are 911, Chicago Fire, Law and Order SVU, and Chicago PD.

Prime time is usually around 8PM.

Right now, the main original content on the USA Network is WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE NXT, and Chucky.

Some exciting news is that WWE Smackdown is going to the USA Network in 2024.

When there’s no WWE or a new show on, the network will sometimes play movies like the more recent Jurassic Park films or some Tyler Perry movies.

For weekends, the most prominent events take place in the morning and are soccer and Premier League related and Nascar events.

Watching Alternatives

In addition to Channel 242, Directv customers have two other ways to watch the USA Channel.

One is logging into the USA Network website/app with your Directv login and the other is Directv stream.

Directv stream in our opinion and experience is a much better option.

The reason for this is because it has fewer ads and you can navigate to other channels besides USA and the other channels that Comcast owns.

At least you have options – that wasn’t always the case.

Lower Your TV Bill With Sling!

It’s great that the USA Network has WWE and shows like Chucky but we miss the glory days when they had classic shows like Suits and Psych.

The USA Network is still a key channel on the bundle and we hope that they can recapture some of that magic of the early 2000s.

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