Cable Company Loyalty Department Numbers

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/17/23

Calling the loyalty department of your cable company is a great way to lower your cable bill and save money.  The agents on these lines have more leeway to give you bigger discounts and know you’re calling them to save money and so will waste less of your time on upsells.

We prepared a list of the loyalty department phone numbers of the largest cable companies in the United States.  We hope this helps.

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What Is The Comcast Loyalty Department Phone Number

The phone number of the Comcast loyalty department is (800) 266-2278.  You can also call the Comcast Saving Department at (800) 934-6489.

The difference between these two lines is that the Comcast Savings Department is geared towards those who are prepared to terminate their Xfinity service while the loyalty department is for those not at that step yet but want to see what promotions Comcast can offer before they make the decision to cancel.

You can get great savings from the customer support representatives from both of these numbers but go to the Savings Department if you’re willing to cancel your Xfinity service but want to see what kind of deals they offer you before you leave.

Just because you say you want to cancel your account doesn’t mean your account will be canceled.  There’s a lot of steps you need to go through before your account is canceled so feel free to use cancellation as a threat even if it’s not something you plan on doing.

If you’re talking to a regular Comcast customer support representative and feel like you’re not getting the service you deserve, you can ask at any time to be transferred to these departments.

It’s very similar to asking to be transferred to a supervisor.  You can generally get better results but you’ll need to explain your situation to the new rep again.

Comcast/Xfinity Loyalty Department Phone Number

Comcast Loyalty Department Phone Number: (800) 266-2278

Xfinity Savings Department Phone: (800) 934-6489

What Is The Spectrum Loyalty Department Phone Number

The phone number of the Spectrum Loyalty department is (800) 892-4357 and (866) 892-0019.

Both of these numbers are toll free but the 800 number is more popular so you’re more likely to have to wait in queue vs the 866 number.

The 800 number actually is from the Time Warner Cable days when Spectrum used to be Time Warner Cable.

If you had Time Warner Cable, it’s better to call the 800 number because their agents are more aligned with those legacy Time Warner Cable needs.

For newer signups, the 866 number is the better number to call.

Spectrum Loyalty Department Phone Number

Spectrum Loyalty Department Phone Number: (866) 892-0019

Time Warner Cable Retention Number: (800) 892-4357

What is the DirecTV Retention Department Phone Number

The phone number of the DirecTV Retention department is (855) 235-3982.  If you’re in Florida, you can call the DirecTV Retention department at (866) 595-2871.

We highly recommend starting with the DirecTV retention department vs the mainline ATT customer support team.

These agents have different retention targets to hit vs AT&T so they’re much more likely to give huge discounts on your service to keep you as a customer.

DirecTV Retention Department Phone Number

DirecTV Retention Department Number: (855) 235-3982

Florida DirecTV Loyalty Department Number: (866) 595-2871

What is the Cox Loyalty Department Phone Number?

The Cox loyalty department phone number is (844) 227-3943. Their direct line is (866) 272-5777.

The difference between these two numbers is that the 866 line directs you to an agent immediately while the 844 makes you described your problem via an IVR before sending you to an agent.

Knowing to call the 866 number is a cool little secret that most don’t know and will mark you with Cox as a savvy customer who knows what you’re doing.

What is the Dish Loyalty Department Phone Number?

The Dish Loyalty Department phone number is (888) 283-2309.

The hours of operations for this support line are 8am to midnight Eastern time, 7 days a week.

Frontier Phone Number

The Frontier Loyalty Department phone number is (800) 921-8101.

Frontier customer support is only open until 10pm Eastern time.

Optimum Phone Number

The Optimum Loyalty Department phone number is (877) 936-4778.

If you’re trying to cancel your Optimum account, calling this number is the only way you can cancel your service.

It’s not a very consumer friendly to not have an online option to cancel but I guess Optimum doesn’t care if you’re going out the door anyway.

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