What Channel Is CBS On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/3/23

Xfinity puts CBS on a different channel depending on where you live.

While CBS as a broadcast network is usually one of the first channels on your guide, it’s going to be on completely different channels in Chicago compared to San Francisco.

We put together this guide so you can easily find out what channel CBS is on your Comcast TV.

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CBS Comcast Channel List

Xfinity CBS Channel List

Seattle7, 107Cape Coral5, 433
Spokane2, 102Atlanta9, 809
Tacoma7, 107Augusta10, 233, 1012
Vancouver6, 706Charleston9, 433
Portland6, 706Memphis3, 803, 1003
Salem6, 706Nashville5, 1005
Eugene8, 713Knoxville5, 1008
Salt Lake City2, 654, 1002Chattanooga13, 433
Provo2, 654Chicago2, 189
Denver4, 654Fort Wayne2, 1002
Colorado Springs10, 99, 711Detroit15, 233, 1014
Boulder4, 654, 1004Grand Rapids3, 233, 1003
Saint Paul4, 804Richmond9, 212, 806
Minneapolis4, 804Alexandria9, 809, 1009
Albuquerque13, 212Washington DC29, 809
Santa Fe13, 212Baltimore23, 212, 813
Las Cruces3, 212Philadelphia3, 803
Little Rock10, 1011Pittsburgh10, 191, 810
Shreveport13, 433, 1012San Jose5, 705
Tallahassee9, 433San Francisco5, 705
Jacksonville6, 433Fresno7, 707
Orlando7, 433Sacramento13, 713
Miami4, 433Oakland5, 705
Fort Lauderdale4, 433Stockton13, 713

To find out the CBS Channel number for all service providers, check out this article.

California & Florida Xfinity CBS Channels

Most people in California can watch CBS on Xfinity on either Channel 5 or 13.

Go to Channel 5 if you’re in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, or Fremont.  Channel 13 is the right channel to go to if you’re in Modesto, Stockton, or Sacramento.

Channels 705 and 713 are analogues for channels 5 and 13 as well.  So, if you can watch on Channel 13 in Stockton, you can also watch on 713 as well.

You can watch CBS on Comcast on channel 433 in Florida.  It’s on the lower-numbered channels below.

Tallahassee: 9, 433
Jacksonville: 6, 433
Orlando: 7, 433
Miami: 4, 433
Fort Lauderdale: 4, 433
Cape Coral: 5, 433

The CBS station in Jacksonville is a famous super affiliate called WJAX.  They’re going to have special local programming beyond what you’d find in most CBS markets.

xfinity cbs channel list

The CBS Channel on Comcast (NM/UT/MN)

If you want to watch CBS on Comcast in New Mexico, go to Channel 212.  It’s also available on channel 13 in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and 3 in Las Cruces.

In Utah, the right channels to watch CBS are 2 and 654.  People who live in Salt Lake City also have the choice to watch on Channel 1002.

The right channel to watch CBS in Virginia is Channel 9.  There’s also the option to watch on channels 212 and 806 in Richmond and 809 and 1009 in Alexandria.

Washington DC residents can watch on channels 29 and 809 and if you live in Baltimore, go to 23, 212, or 813.

An interesting thing about Baltimore is that the CBS station is a superstation with unique local programming called WJZ.

Additionally, if you live in Minnesota, just go to channels 4 and 804 to watch CBS.  This will work for the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Other Places To Watch CBS

The CBS Channel on Xfinity is on channels 6 and 706 for customers who live in Portland and Salem.  For those who live in Eugene, Oregon, go to channels 8 or 713 instead.

You can watch CBS on Comcast on channels 7 and 107 in Seattle and Tacoma.  Residents of Spokane can watch on 2 and 102 while those who are from Vancouver can watch on 6 and 706.

For the rest of the cities that we researched, the CBS channel is just on random channels without logic.

Here’s the major cities we found where this was the case:

Denver: 4, 654
Boulder: 4, 654, 1004
Atlanta: 9, 809
Charleston: 9, 433
Memphis: 3, 803, 1003
Nashville: 5, 1005
Chicago: 2, 189
Detroit: 15, 233, 1014
Philadelphia: 3, 803

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We hope our guide has made it easier to find CBS and the great shows on the channel like the Amazing Race and FBI.

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