What Channel Is The CBS Sports On Dish Network?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/1/24

dish network cbs sports channel guide

Trying to find the CBS Sports Network Channel on Dish?  We’ve made it easy for you.

The right channel to surf to is Channel 158.

It’s that simple, unlike cable providers like Xfinity and Spectrum which have multiple and different channels throughout the cities that they operate.

Hope that helps and in the rest of this article, we’ll walk you through what games are on the CBS Sports Channel and all the ways you can watch the channel.

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Dish Network CBS Sports Channels

Little Rock158Detroit158
Yuma158St. Louis158
Los Angeles158Charlotte158
San Francisco158Omaha158
San Diego158Las Vegas158
Fresno158New York158
Colorado Springs158Oklahoma City158
Washington DC158Philadelphia158
Fort Worth158Memphis158
Miami158El Paso158
Honolulu158San Antonio158
Kansas City158Norfolk158
New Orleans158Boston158

The CBS Sports Channel College Game Schedule

You can watch the CBS Sports Channel on Dish Network on Channel 158.

The channel started out as College Sports Television, and it still has the rights to some of the most popular college sports content.

In terms of college football, CBS airs the games of the SEC, Navy/Army, and the Mountain West.

SEC games are on the CBS broadcast channel but Mountain West airs 23 football and basketball games on the CBS Sports Channel.

For less popular games that aren’t on the CBS broadcast channel, the CBS Sports Channel is going to be the home for these games.

It’s a similar situation for basketball.  CBS has the rights to the AAC, Atlantic 10, Big 12, Big East, Big 10, Pac-12, and SEC among other rights.

The American Conference, Big 12, Big 10, and Pac-12 won’t air on the CBS Sports Network.  They’ll be on the main CBS broadcast channel.

For Mountain West, Big East, and the Missouri Valley Conference, it’s a mix of games on CBS and the CBS Sports channel, and for the rest of the games, they’ll be on CBSN.

If you’re looking for the CBS Channel on Dish, click on our guide.

The CBS Sports Network also airs college hockey, baseball, softball, and lacrosse.

What Other Shows Does CBS Sports Have

There’s more than just college sports on the CBS Sports Channel Network on Dish.

The channel is big for motorsports and soccer.  They have the rights to the Champions and Europa Leagues.

WNBA and the World Series of Poker are also on the channel.  Some more out there sports like bull riding and rugby air on the channel from time to time.

Some of the most popular sports talk shows are also on the channel.

You can watch programs like the Jim Rone Show, Time to Shein, and the CBS Sports HQ Spotlight.

These shows are only available during the weekdays though.  During the weekends, the channel is just full of sports even if it’s just rebroadcasts.

Other Ways To Watch The CBS Sports Channel On Dish

Dish customers have other options to watch the CBS Sports Channel besides going to Channel 158.

You can watch it on the CBS Sports website or on Dish Anywhere.

For the CBS Sports website, you’ll need to authenticate your dish account but then you can watch whatever you want.

Dish Anywhere is nice because you can watch via an app or online.

It’s easy to switch between channels because there’s more things you might want to do besides watching the CBS Sports Channel.

Figure out what works best for you.  It could be that your preference is just to watch on your TV and have the ability to channel surf.

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