What Channel Is CBS On Dish Network?

by Mark Chen | Updated 2/10/23

CBS is on a different channel on Dish depending on what city you live in. With the exception of Tampa, there’s only one channel where you can watch CBS on your TV subscription and the channel numbers are different even if you live in the same state.

That’s a problem if you want to watch great shows like Young Sheldon or NCIS.

We wanted to fix this issue for Americans everywhere so we did some research and found out what channel CBS is on Dish in the major cities where the company operates in.

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CBS Dish Channel Guide

CBS on Dish

San Francisco5New Orleans4
San Diego8Detroit62
Fresno47Las Vegas8
Sacramento13New York2
Los Angeles2Philadelphia3
Colorado Springs11Nashville5
Washington DC9El Paso4
Fort Worth11Brownsville4
Miami4San Antonio5
Tampa10, 5151, 8691Austin42

CBS On Dish In Texas & Florida

On Dish, you can watch CBS on Channel 4 in El Paso and Brownsville and on Channel 11 in Dallas and Houston.

CBS is also on Channel 5 in San Antonio and on Channel 42 in Austin Texas.

In Florida, CBS is on all different channels for Dish customers.

For Orlando, CBS is on Channel 6 while in Miami, the right channel is Channel 4.

Finding CBS on Dish in Tampa is pretty interesting.  There’s actually 3 channels where you can watch CBS: 10, 5151, 8691.

It takes a lot of scrolling to get to channel 8000!

Finally, the right channel for CBS in Jacksonville is 47 while in Fort Worth, go to 11.

California Dish CBS Channels

Dish customers can watch CBS on Channel 2 in Los Angeles and on Channel 5 in San Francisco.

They also try to make it easy to watch CBS in San Diego and Sacramento.  In those cities, you can watch on 8 in San Diego and on 13 in Sacramento.

It’s harder to find the right channel in Bakersfield and Fresno.

You have to go all the way out to Channel 47 in Fresno and to Channel 29 in Bakersfield.

dish cbs channels

Other Places To Watch

The hardest cities to find the right channel for CBS on Dish are Atlanta and Detroit.

There you’ll need to go to Channel 62 in Detroit and Channel 46 in Atlanta.  CBS should really be one of the first channels on your dial.

The most common channels to watch CBS on Dish are channels 2, 3, and 4.

Channel 4 is the most popular channel and is the right place to watch in Denver, New Orleans, and Boston.

Go to Channel 2 in Chicago and New York and to Channel 3 in Philadelphia and Memphis.

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