What Channel Is ESPN On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 10/25/23

what channel is espn on spectrum
Spectrum Channel Guide in Los Angeles│Source: BillSmart

ESPN is on a different channel on Spectrum depending on what city you live in.  While most people can go to Channel 300 to watch ESPN, there are lower numbered channels that are more convenient to surf to.

We put together this guide so you can more easily find what channel ESPN is on your TV.  As a bonus, we also researched and found info on what channels ESPN News and ESPN Deportes are located in.

Hope this helps.

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Spectrum ESPN Channel List

The ESPN Channel on Spectrum

Los Angeles39, 300
San Diego29, 300
Anaheim35, 300
Long Beach35, 735
Bakersfield26, 102, 1102
Reno33, 805
Corpus Christi39, 300
San Antonio24, 300
Austin52, 300
El Paso25, 300
Dallas33, 773
Birmingham20, 401, 1401
Montgomery25, 808
Lexington28, 506, 923
Louisville31, 506, 923
Charlotte39, 300
Durham31, 300
Raleigh31, 300
Indianapolis36, 401, 1401
Milwaukee30, 301
Kansas City33, 300
Columbus11, 506, 923
Cincinnati30, 301, 1301
Cleveland28, 301, 1301
New York28, 300
Albany24, 300
Buffalo30, 300

We’ve also made pretty good guides on where you can find the Spectrum channels to watch ESPNU and ESPN2.

ESPN News Channel List

Spectrum ESPN News Channel List

Los Angeles302
San Diego302
Long Beach407, 870
Bakersfield105, 1105
Reno405, 803
Corpus Christi302
San Antonio302
El Paso302
Dallas284, 705
Birmingham403, 1403
Montgomery300, 815
Lexington513, 927
Louisville513, 927
Indianapolis403, 1403
Milwaukee305, 1305
Kansas City302
Columbus513, 927
Cincinnati305, 1305
Cleveland305, 1305
New York302

ESPN Deportes Channel List

ESPN Deportes Channels

Los Angeles440, 950
San Diego440, 950
Anaheim440, 950
Long Beach262, 888
Bakersfield624, 1624
Reno262, 853
Corpus Christi440, 950
San Antonio440, 950
Austin440, 950
El Paso440, 950
Dallas113, 846
Birmingham409, 882, 1409
Montgomery234, 882
Charlotte440, 950
Durham440, 950
Raleigh440, 950
Indianapolis409, 882, 1409
Kansas City440, 950
Columbus373, 1373
Cincinnati813, 833
Cleveland813, 833
New York440, 950
Albany440, 950
Buffalo440, 950

ESPN On Spectrum In California

ESPN is on Channel 300 for Spectrum customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim.

Besides 300, people can watch on 39 in Los Angeles, 29 in San Diego, and 35 in Anaheim.

In these 3 cities, ESPN News and ESPN Deportes are on the standard channels of 302 for ESPN News and 440 and 950 for ESPN Deportes.

Long Beach and Bakersfield have different channels for ESPN.

If you live in Long Beach, the right channels for ESPN are 35 and 735.  ESPN News is on channels 407 and 870 while ESPN Deportes is on channels 262 and 888.

The right channels to watch ESPN in Bakersfield are 26, 102, and 1102.  You can watch ESPN News on 105 and 1105 and ESPN Deportes on channels 624 and 1624.

For Reno, the channels are 33 and 805 for ESPN, 405 and 803 for ESPN News, and 262 and 853 for ESPN Deportes.

New York ESPN Spectrum Channels

spectrum espn channel

You can watch ESPN on Spectrum on Channel 300 in New York State.  It’s also on Channel 28 in Manhattan, 24 in Albany, and Channel 30 in Buffalo.

ESPN News is on Channel 302 in New York, and you can watch ESPN Deportes on Channels 440 and 950.

Channel 300 is also the right channel to watch ESPN for Spectrum customers in North Carolina.

People there also have the option to watch ESPN on Channel 31 in Durham and Raleigh and Channel 39 in Charlotte.

The right channel to watch ESPN Deportes is 440 and 950 and ESPN News is on Channel 302.

Where To Watch In Texas

In most of Texas, the right channel to watch ESPN on Spectrum is Channel 300.

This will work for Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.  There’s also the option to watch on lower-numbered channels like 39 in Corpus Christi, 24 in San Antonio, 52 in Austin, and 24 in El Paso.

Like New York and North Carolina, you can watch ESPN News on Channel 302 and ESPN Deportes on Channels 440 and 950.

It’s a bit different in Dallas.  There, the right channels for ESPN are channels 33 and 773.  ESPN News is available on channels 284 and 705 and ESPN Deportes is on channels 113 and 846.

Spectrum ESPN Channels (KC/OH)

To watch ESPN on Spectrum in Kentucky, navigate to channels 506 and 923.  You can also watch on Channel 28 in Lexington and Channel 31 in Louisville.

ESPN News is on channels 513 and 927 and Deportes is on Channel 373.

For Ohio, the right channels to watch ESPN are channels 301 and 1301.  People who live in Cincinnati also have the option to watch ESPN on Channel 30 while people in Cleveland can go to 28.

ESPN Deportes is on channels 813 and 883 and ESPN News is on 305 and 1305.

Other Channels

For the rest of the cities we’re discussing, there’s no real organization in terms of what channels ESPN and the other news and Spanish channels are on.

Here’s a list by city:

Birmingham: 20, 401, 1401
Montgomery: 25, 808
Indianapolis: 36, 401, 1401
Milwaukee: 30, 301
Kansas City: 33, 300
Columbus: 11, 506, 923

Birmingham: 403, 1403
Montgomery: 300, 815
Indianapolis: 403, 1403
Milwaukee: 305, 1305
Kansas City: 302
Columbus: 513, 927

ESPN Deportes
Birmingham: 409, 882, 1409, 1882
Montgomery: 234, 882
Indianapolis: 409, 882, 1409, 1882
Milwaukee: 883
Kansas City: 440, 950
Columbus: 373, 1373

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