What Channel Is ESPN On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/6/23

Xfinity has an HD and non-HD channel for ESPN. ESPN is on a different channel on Comcast depending on where you live.

There’s also other ESPN subchannels like ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, and ESPN Deportes.

We did all the research for you to find out all the channels ESPN and its sub-brands are on in your city.

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Xfinity ESPN Channel List

ESPN on Xfinity

Seattle31, 173Miami34, 403
Spokane11, 173Fort Lauderdale34, 403
Tacoma31, 173Atlanta46, 846
Vancouver35, 735Memphis23, 855, 1605
Portland35, 735Nashville11, 1205
Salem35, 735Chicago3, 173, 1205
Eugene35, 735Indianapolis2, 1605
Salt Lake City35, 668, 1205Fort Wayne6, 1605
Provo35, 668Detroit28, 202, 1605
Denver34, 668Washington8, 850
Colorado Springs33, 733, 1205Baltimore5, 850
Boulder34, 668, 1205Philadelphia7, 850
Minneapolis25, 403, 864San Jose38, 724
Albuquerque8, 252San Francisco38, 724
Tallahassee8, 403Fresno32, 724
Jacksonville33, 403Sacramento32, 724
Orlando34, 403Oakland38, 724

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ESPN News Comcast Channels

Xfinity ESPN News

Seattle402Miami449, 722
Spokane402Fort Lauderdale449, 722
Tacoma402Atlanta121, 821
Vancouver402, 721Memphis220, 646, 833, 1608
Portland402, 721Nashville102, 701, 1210
Salem402, 721Chicago231, 402
Eugene402, 721Indianapolis102, 261, 1608
Salt Lake City402, 711, 1210Fort Wayne102, 261, 1608
Provo402, 711Detroit102, 257, 1608
Colorado Springs174, 841Baltimore719
Boulder402, 841Philadelphia102, 852
Minneapolis102, 722San Jose402, 726
Albuquerque102, 246, 845San Francisco402, 726
Tallahassee102, 449, 722Fresno402, 726
Jacksonville449, 722Sacramento402, 726
Orlando102, 449Oakland402, 726

If you’re actually looking for ESPNU or ESPN 2 Comcast channels, we wrote the book on those too.

Xfinity ESPN Deportes Guide

Comcast Xfinity Deportes

Seattle609, 724, 781Miami594, 623
Spokane609, 724, 781Fort Lauderdale594, 623
Tacoma609, 724, 781Atlanta505
Vancouver609, 662Memphis614
Portland609, 662Nashville604, 1231
Salem609, 662Chicago335, 609, 1231
Eugene609, 662Indianapolis612
Salt Lake City578, 607, 1231Fort Wayne612
Denver309, 363, 609Washington585
Colorado Springs286, 363, 1231Baltimore585
Boulder309, 363, 609, 1231Philadelphia585
Minneapolis612, 688San Jose619, 578
Albuquerque618, 672San Francisco619, 578
Jacksonville612Sacramento619, 578
Orlando612, 722Oakland619, 578

ESPN On Xfinity in the West Coast

724 is the HD channel of ESPN on Xfinity in California.  There are lowered numbered non-HD channels on 38 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland and on 32 in Fresno, Sacramento, and Stockton.

Trying to find ESPN News or ESPN Deportes?  Press 402 or 726 to watch ESPN News in CA and 619 or 678 for ESPN Deportes.

If you live in Oregon, the correct channel to navigate to watch ESPN are channels 35 and 735.

In Washington, 173 and 623 are options that will work in the major cities. For easier viewing, 31 is a good option for Seattle and Tacoma and 11 is the place you can go to in Spokane.

The right channel for ESPN News in the states of Washington and Oregon is 402.  ESPN Deportes is watchable on Channel 609 in those states as well.

Other options you have include channels 724 and 781 for ESPN Deportes in Washington and 662 in Oregon.

Channel 721 is another channel where you can watch ESPN News in Oregon.

Florida Comcast ESPN Channel

espn xfinity channel list

Comcast customers in Florida can watch ESPN on Channel 403.

Your other city-specific channel options are Channel 34 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, 33 in Orlando, 48 in Jacksonville, and 8 in Tallahassee.

Indiana residents can watch ESPN on Channel 1605.  There’s also options to watch on Channel 2 in Indianapolis and Channel 6 in Fort Wayne.

In much of the East Coast, the right channel for ESPN is 850.  Cities where this is the case include DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Lowered numbered ESPN channels in those cities include 8 in Washington DC, 5 in Baltimore, 7 in Philadelphia, and 27 in Pittsburgh.

People on the East Coast really love ESPN.

Other Places To Watch

There’s some big cities where Xfinity is the big cable provider where you can watch ESPN.

We haven’t forgotten about these cities but we found in our research that these channel numbers didn’t have much in common with other cities in their respective states.

Check out the correct channel numbers below.

Minneapolis: 25, 803, 864
Albuquerque: 8, 252
Atlanta: 46, 846
Chicago: 3, 173, 1205
Detroit: 28, 202, 1605

Before we forget, one more state where you can watch ESPN on Comcast is Colorado.

In this great state, ESPN is on Channel 34 and 668 in Denver and Boulder and on Channel 1205 in Boulder and Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs has slightly different ESPN channels: 33 and 733.

For whatever reason, that’s commonly how it works in that state.

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