What Channel Is Hallmark On Dish?

by Allison Cruz | Updated 1/1/24

hallmark channel on dish

Channel 185 is the right channel for the main Hallmark Channel on Dish.

There are actually 3 Hallmark channels on Dish – Hallmark, Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Hallmark Drama is on Channel 186 and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is on Channel 187.

That’s very convenient compared to cable providers like Spectrum and Xfinity.

There, channels are in different places depending on where you live and there are sometimes multiple channels for a single station.

While you know the right channels, in our guide we’ll go deeper into what shows are on each channel as well as how to watch them online and on your phone.

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The Hallmark Channel On Dish

Trying to find the Hallmark Channel on Dish? Just go to Channel 185.

The other Hallmark channels – Drama and Movies & Mysteries are on 186 and 187 respectively.

Main Hallmark Channel

San Diego185New Orleans185
Los Angeles185Baltimore185
San Francisco185Detroit185
Washington DC185St. Louis185
Atlanta185Las Vegas185
Honolulu185New York185
Kansas City185Oklahoma City185
El Paso185Memphis185
Houston185San Antonio185

What And When Can You Watch On Hallmark

You can watch the Hallmark Channel on Dish on Channel 185.

To watch movies on the main Hallmark Channel, you’ll need to tune in between noon and midnight.

Movies start earlier on the weekends by about an hour.  Some recent hits include Sailing into Love and The Wedding Veil Legacy.

Otherwise, most of the shows on the main Hallmark Channel will be reruns.

Right now, Hallmark has the syndication rights for the Golden Girls, Frasier, Cheers, and Reba.  They play Golden Girl reruns the most.

Dish Network Hallmark Channels Overview

Hallmark Drama is on Channel 186 on Dish.

During the weekdays, it mostly plays reruns of older shows.  Its current lineup is the Waltons, Dr. Quinn Medicine Women, Little House of the Prairie, and Matlock.

When new Hallmark movies come out, they play on Hallmark Movies.

Generally, it’s during the weekend in the afternoon but there’s no set schedule – it really depends on how many movies Hallmark is releasing that month.

We’ve found that Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is mostly Mysteries.

To watch movies on the channel during weekdays, tune in between 7 pm and 11 pm. There are more movies during the weekends.  Movies start at 11 am and end at 11 pm.

Otherwise, it’s going to be mostly reruns of shows like Monk, Psych, and Murder, She Wrote.

They really should just rename the channel Hallmark Lifetime clone.

programming for hallmark

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Hallmark is one of our favorite channels on Dish.  We much prefer it to Lifetime because not everything has to be about women getting murdered or stalked.

It’s great that Dish has all 3 hallmark channels in the range 185-187.  Not all TV providers have the channels and those that don’t are missing out.

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