What Channel is Hallmark

by Allison Cruz | Updated 12/22/23

hallmark channel on directv

It’s a huge pain to find the right channel number for the Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark is on different channels depending on which service provider you have and where you live.

There’s multiple channels where you can watch Hallmark and Hallmark has sub-brands with can’t miss shows like Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama.

It shouldn’t take a Christmas miracle to find the Hallmark channel so we’re giving you this present of the list of all the channels you can watch Hallmark.

Look below and find your channel so you can start your Christmas movie binge.

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Hallmark Channel on DirecTV

Directv customers can watch the Hallmark Channel on Channel 312.

The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel is on Channel 565 and the Hallmark Drama Channel is not available on the DIRECTV channel lineup.

Channels 312 and Channels 565 are the right channels for Hallmark and Movies & Mysteries throughout the country.

It will be the same in Miami as it is in Omaha.  That’s because DirecTV is a satellite company and can stream the same channel lineup to all its customers.

It’s made things a lot easier compared to cable providers with multiple and different channels.

For easier reference, we put the cities and channels of the main Hallmark Channel below.

Where To Watch Hallmark On Dish

It’s so easy to find the Hallmark Channel on Dish Network.  They’re on Channels 185-187.

The main Hallmark Channel is on Channel 185, 186 is for Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is on Channel 187.

That makes it very convenient to find what Hallmark show or movie that you want to watch.  If there’s a commercial break, you can just change the channel and watch another show.

Dish is like Directv in having a single channel number for each channel.  It’s better than Directv because they offer Hallmark Drama as well as Movies and Mysteries.

hallmark channel on dish

Spectrum Hallmark Channel

Honestly, it’s a lot harder to find the right channel number for Hallmark on Spectrum than it is on Directv and Dish.

That’s because there are multiple and different channels depending on what city you live in.

Many times, the channels will be the same in cities that are close to each other but it’s different enough of the time to make finding the right channel very frustrating.

The best way to find the Hallmark Channel is just to look at our list below and your city.

Historically, the higher-numbered channel has been the HD channel but if you bought a new TV over the last couple of years, there shouldn’t be a difference between the channels.

Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries have different channel lineups.  We’ll put the Spectrum lineups for the sub-channel further down in this article.

Spectrum Hallmark Channel List

Los Angeles88, 123
San Diego88, 123
Anaheim88, 123
Long Beach80, 780
Reno27, 90
Corpus Christi65, 123
San Antonio53, 123
Austin39 123
El Paso123
Dallas46, 82
Birmingham41, 128, 1128
Montgomery93, 736
Lexington260, 987
Louisville68, 260, 987
Charlotte23, 123
Durham55, 123
Raleigh55, 123
Indianapolis57, 128, 1128
Milwaukee62, 113, 1113
Kansas City61, 123
Columbus62, 260, 987
Cincinnati32, 113, 1113
Cleveland40, 113, 1113
New York84, 123
Albany77, 123
Buffalo63, 123

What Channel Is Hallmark On Xfinity

Xfinity is one of the harder service providers to find Hallmark channels.

That’s because in some cities there’s 4 channels where you can watch just the Hallmark main channel not to mention the sub-channels.

Comcast is the result of a bunch of mergers of smaller cable companies.  It’s because of this that channels are different depending on where you live even if the cities are close to each other.

Xfinity hasn’t created a great tool to find the Hallmark channels so we did it for you.

Find your city and your channel below and get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hallmark Channel List (Xfinity)

Seattle19, 702Cape Coral73, 385
Spokane77, 702Atlanta73, 385
Tacoma19, 702Augusta137, 290, 1458
Vancouver18, 718Charleston47, 385
Portland18, 718Memphis43, 783
Salem18, 718Nashville137, 1458
Eugene18, 718Knoxville56, 1307
Salt Lake City69, 745, 1458Chattanooga43, 385
Provo69, 745Indianapolis137, 1307
Denver70, 770Fort Wayne137, 1307
Colorado Springs27, 727, 1458Detroit137, 138, 378
Boulder70, 770, 1458Grand Rapids38, 137, 138, 378
Saint Paul67, 833Richmond58, 830
Minneapolis69, 833Alexandria40, 68, 137, 830
Albuquerque66, 137, 866Washington DC52, 830
Santa Fe66, 137, 822Baltimore54, 830
Las Cruces137, 847Philadelphia55, 137, 830
Little Rock31, 1458Pittsburgh255, 830
Shreveport45, 137, 385San Jose66, 793
Tallahassee47, 385San Francisco66, 793
Jacksonville137, 387Fresno47, 186, 793
Orlando57, 385Sacramento186, 793
Miami137, 389Oakland75, 793
Fort Lauderdale137, 389Stockton67, 186, 793
West Palm Beach57, 385Fremont66, 793
comcast hallmark channel

Hallmark Movies And Mysteries

The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel is a different channel than the main Hallmark channel.

You can watch Movies & Mysteries on Channel 565 on Directv and on Channel 187 on Dish Network.

We also made lists for Spectrum and Xfinity

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Spectrum Channel List

Los Angeles89, 629
San Diego89, 629
Anaheim89, 629
Long Beach81, 781
Bakersfield74, 643, 1390
Corpus Christi88, 629
San Antonio84, 629
Austin51, 629
El Paso88, 629
Dallas46, 836
Birmingham601, 1601
Montgomery82, 863
Lexington51, 261, 262
Louisville58, 261, 262
Charlotte78, 629
Durham78, 629
Raleigh78, 629
Indianapolis87, 601, 1601
Milwaukee117, 1117
Kansas City71, 629
Columbus64, 117, 1117
Cincinnati52, 1117
Cleveland117, 1117
New York629
Albany76, 629
Buffalo85, 629
Comcast Hallmark Channel List

Seattle500, 703Cape Coral256
Spokane500, 703Atlanta156, 896
Vancouver500, 719Charleston256, 468
Portland500, 719Memphis246, 784
Salem500, 719Nashville161, 1459
Eugene500, 719Knoxville256, 1821
Salt Lake City507, 706Chattanooga279, 468
Provo507, 706Indianapolis161, 1821
Denver507, 857Fort Wayne161, 1821
Colorado190, 857, 1459Detroit177, 241
Boulder507, 857, 1459Grand Rapids177, 241
Saint Paul136, 834Richmond157, 894
Albuquerque181, 868Washington DC157, 894
Santa Fe181, 868Baltimore157, 894
Las Cruces181, 836Philadelphia157, 894
Little Rock256, 719Pittsburgh236, 894
Tallahassee256, 468San Francisco500, 794
Jacksonville256, 468Fresno500, 794
Orlando256, 468Sacramento500, 794
Miami256, 468Oakland500, 794
Fort Lauderdale256, 468Stockton500, 794
West Palm Beach256, 468Fremont500, 794

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Hallmark is one of our favorite channels and we can’t wait to see what Christmas movies are coming out this year.

It’s a wonderful thing that there’s so many channels but it does make it harder to find what you want to watch.

Hopefully, our article helped you find your channel.

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