What Channel Is NFL Network On

by Mark Chen | Updated 8/14/23

the nfl network channel on spectrum

The NFL Network Channel is on a different channel in each area depending on which service provider you have.

We didn’t find an easy way to find the right channel number for the NFL network, so we did the research and made our own.

Look below to find the right channel number in your area and some of the most exciting games of the season.

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When Does the NFL Pre-season Start

One of the primary reasons to watch the NFL Network is because they have exclusive access to most of the NFL pre-season games.

The NFL preseason starts on Thursday, August 3rd with the Hall of Fame Game.

Cleveland will play the New York Jets at 8 PM Eastern Time on NBC.

The regular preseason will start on Thursday, 8/10.  Each team will play 3 games during the preseason over three weeks.

The regular season starts on September 7th.

2023 NFL Preseason Schedule

Look below for the schedule for week 3 of the 2023 NFL preseason.

Games start on August 24th with the Falcons vs the Steelers at 7:30 PM Eastern Time. There’s 6 games in total for week 2 from Thursday to Saturday.

Let’s see if there’s any upsets that will give us a hint of who’s set for Superbowl greatness.

NFL Preseason Schedule
MatchupGame DateGame Time (EST)
Atlanta Falcons vs Pittsburg SteelersThursday, 8/247:30
New England Patriots vs Tennessee TitansFriday, 8/258:15
Los Angeles Chargers vs San Francisco 49ersFriday, 8/2510:00
Kansas City Chiefs vs Cleveland BrownsSaturday, 8/261:00
Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles RamsSaturday, 8/269:00
New York Jets vs New York GiantsSaturday, 8/266:00

NFL Network DirecTV Channel

You can watch the NFL Network Channel on DirecTV on Channel 212.

If you’re trying to watch the NFL Redzone, all you need to do is change the channel to Channel 700 or 703.

DirecTV has made it easier for its customers by having a standard set of channels throughout the country.

212 is the right channel for the NFL Network throughout the country.

That’s not always the case as we’ll see with Spectrum and Comcast.

What Channel Is The NFL Network On Spectrum

The NFL Network Channel is on Channel 310 for Spectrum much of the time.

But not all the time.  For Spectrum, there’s sometimes more than one channel where you can watch the NFL Network.

The reason for this is because there’s an SD and HD version of the channel.

There’s usually not much difference for most people, but if you haven’t upgraded your TV or your receiver in a while, go to the higher-numbered channel to see if you can get better picture quality.

You can also look at our Spectrum NFL Redzone article to find the channel for that one too.

NFL Network Channels on Spectrum




Los Angeles310San Diego310
Anaheim310Long Beach39, 732
Bakersfield52, 116Reno14, 800
Corpus Christi94, 310San Antonio310
Austin310El Paso94, 310
Dallas30, 738Birmingham90, 416
Montgomery15, 822Lexington547
Indianapolis83, 416Milwaukee346, 1346
Kansas City310Columbus547
Cincinnati346, 1346Cleveland346, 1346
New York310Albany74, 310
Buffalo96, 310
directv nfl network channel guide

Dish NFL Network Channel

Channel 154 is the right channel to watch the NFL Network Channel on Dish Network.  The NFL RedZone is right next to the NFL Network Channel on Dish on Channel 155.

154 and 155 are the right channel numbers for the NFL channels on Dish throughout the country.

It’s nice that Dish put the two channels together.

If you haven’t heard of the NFL RedZone, you should give them a shot and watch.

The RedZone is a show that has highlights of all the games going on during the season as well as commentary.

It’s great if you have a fantasy league or are doing some sports betting.  It’s proven to be such a popular concept that the MLB created a channel with a similar concept called the MLB Strikezone.

Where Can You Watch The NFL On Xfinity

Unfortunately, Xfinity doesn’t make it easy to find the right channel for the NFL Network.

Some cities have 4+ channels where you can watch the NFL Network and the channel is often far out in the 400+ range.

The NFL RedZone is often not next to the NFL Network.

I think the reason why Xfinity has so many and different channels for the NFL Network is because Xfinity/Comcast is the result of a bunch of mergers of cable companies.

Each of these cable companies had their own channel lineups that they didn’t change once they got acquired.

It’s annoying for us and the easiest thing to do to find the right channel is to check out our list.

We have the list for NFL Redzone on Comcast here as well.

NFL Network List

Seattle180, 417, 418Miami406, 736
Spokane180, 417, 418Fort Lauderdale406, 736
Tacoma180, 417, 418Atlanta118, 289, 879
Vancouver400, 417, 729Memphis226, 653, 854, 1705
Portland400, 417, 729Nashville180, 715, 1215
Salem400, 417, 729Chicago168, 169, 412
Eugene400, 417, 729Indianapolis180, 275, 1705
Salt Lake City270, 675, 1215Fort Wayne180, 275, 1705
Provo270, 675Detroit180, 181, 736, 1705
Denver168, 417, 676Washington733, 860
Colorado Springs177, 186, 760, 1215Baltimore733, 860
Boulder168, 417, 676, 1215Philadelphia180, 733, 860
Saint Paul180, 181, 275, 876Pittsburgh177, 277, 860
Minneapolis180, 181, 736, 876San Jose417, 730
Albuquerque180, 257, 275San Francisco417, 730
Tallahassee180, 406, 736Fresno180, 417, 730
Jacksonville406, 736Sacramento180, 417, 730
Orlando406, 736Oakland417, 730
the nfl network channels on comcast

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The NFL Network Channel is an essential one for any football fan.

We usually only watch the channel during the football season so it’s annoying to have to memorize the channel number and keep it in your head.

Hope that by doing the work for you, you can watch more of the game and have an enjoyable day.

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